Dakshinamurthy Ashtakam

Lord Dakshinamurthy

Lord Dakshinamurthy

AdiSankara has written lot of Stotras, and among those, Sri Dakshinamurthy Ashtakam, was praised by the people, and it is a must for us, to recite this sacred poem in order to get the grace of the Universal Guru Sri Dakshinamurthy.

The contents present in the Dakshinamurthy Ashtakam are as follows:

I sincerely praise and honour Guru Dakshinamurthy, who is the supreme Brahman, and a silent Guru, who looks like a youth, and he is surrounded by his disciples who are old Sages.

Lord Dakshinamurthy is the Guru of the Gurus and the Lord of the Lords, Who shows his blessing posture in one hand, and keeps the sacred things in his other hands.

Guru Dakshinamurthy is the creator of happiness, who always used to be in a happy state, and who contains a smiling face.

We can see the entire universe in his body, and he is the one who removes the illusion, and who reveals various spiritual truths, and makes us to realize him in our soul.

Guru Dakshinamurthy is a great Siddha, and who has created the entire universe as per his own will.

Guru Dakshinamurthy used to easily clarify the doubts of his devotees.He is the one who contains full of knowledge and wisdom and gives goodness in our lives.

Guru Dakshinamurthy is the one, who can destroy, the ignorance from us, and also would heal all of our physical and mental diseases like the divine physician Lord Dhanvantari.

Guru Dakshinamurthy would remove our mental tiredness and gives cheerfulness and happiness in our lives.

Guru Dakshinamurthy would remove all of our negative thoughts, and would inculcate the Shiva Bhakti in our mind.

Guru Dakshinamurthy helps us to lead a blessed life, by showering his full grace on us.

Guru Dakshinamurthy is worshipped by the Divine Devas and by the people in the earth.

Guru Dakshinamurthy would remove the negative effects of our planetary position, and gives good prosperity in our lives.


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