Cruel Kings in Ancient Times

Ancient kings like Ravana, Hiranyakashipu and Kansa were very cruel kings, and they caused lot of harm to others. They even fought with the divine avatars like Rama, Narasimha and Krishna and finally attained salvation, since they were killed by the merciful god. Similar to them, before few centuries, some kings were very cruel, and for entertainment purpose they used to throw their slaves in the cage of the lion or tiger, and would enjoy their struggle by sitting in their golden throne. They also make the slaves to fight among themselves, and would enjoy their pain, and after their death, their dead bodies would be thrown to their pet animal dogs.

They have also laid heavy taxes and increased the burden of the people. They used to treat the females as servants, and would molest them as much as they can. Some kings would get good advises from their consorts and their ministers, but they would not hear it, and would live as they like.

Whereas kings like Prahalada, Mahabali, Vikramaditya and Bhojaraja had given a golden rule, and hence, still we are remembering them.

Some kings like Chandragupta, used to follow the advises of his noble guru Chanakya, and due to that, he has attained higher levels in his life. Demon kings like Ravana used to eat the flesh of humans, and he has eaten flesh of the spies also. They would never think about others, but always concerned about their own pleasures only. Ravana kidnapped Ma Sita, and put her in prison in the Ashokavana. He didn’t hear the advises given by his consort Ma Mandodari and his pious brother Vibhishana, and hence he was killed by Lord Rama.

Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksha disliked Lord Vishnu, and fought with him, and hence they were destroyed by his avatars. Kansa done lot of bad deeds in his life, and he made several attempts to destroy Lord Krishna, but finally, he was killed by Lord Krishna. But the cruel kings were attained the abode of the almighty, since they were killed by the god.We can also read the life history of the mighty kings like Sugriva, Rama, Vibhishana and Prahalada, in order to add sweetness in our lives.


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