Controversy about Hindu Deities

Lot of controversies are being bombarded about our Hindu deities, and even some of the Hindus itself are spreading the controversy among others, without knowing about the significance and about the original value of our precious and respectful deities. Some people are against the double marriage concept of the gods like Muruga, Vinayaka, Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva. They are having this kind of doubt in their mind, since they believe them similar to the ordinary mortals. Hindu deities are being worshipped by several kings, queens, sages and even by ordinary people, since several Yugas, and this can be known by referring to our ancient Holy Hindu Scriptures.

Lord Vishnu is believed to have been married Ma Lakshmi as well as Ma Bhudevi. Actually though the holy mother Ma Lakshmi present on the soul of Lord Vishnu, in fact, she is another form of Lord Vishnu only, but, since she stays on the body of Lord Vishnu, in the form of female, some of us are considering her to be just an ordinary wife of Lord Vishnu. When Vishnu had incarnated as Lord Varaha and saved Ma Bhudevi from the clutches of Hiranyaksha and protected her by keeping her on his lap, the demon Narakashur was formed from their divine touch, but, later he was destroyed by Lord Krishna, an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Lord Varaha stays down in the Bhuloka itself, by keeping the divine mother earth on his lap, in order to reduce the burden of the holy mother earth, and by this way, he has accepted Ma Bhudevi as one of his consorts.

Divine gods would never enjoy any sort of pleasures, and they are not subjected to lust and anger. They are never to be considered as ordinary mortals, but they must be worshipped as our worshipful deities.

The two wives of Lord Muruga is considered as his two divine powers, and in fact, these divine powers were formed only out of his body, but later they were brought up by others, and then, they were married by Lord Muruga. The two wives of Lord Vinayaka, Siddhi and Buddhi are also considered to be the two powerful forms of Lord Vinayaka. Ma Gayatri and Ma Saraswati were also formed from the powers of Lord Brahma, and no deities would enjoy physical pleasures from their consorts, but they would enjoy lot of spiritual pleasures from their worshipful consorts. First of all, all the Hindus must believe about the existence of our deities, and there is no end for them. Just because of their own personal problems, commenting badly about our Hindu deities is not good, since for our each and every bad activity, we have to face the consequences of it. Even if the Hindus dislike our gods, instead of criticising them, let them, forget about them, and, instead of that, let them do some good charitable activities.

We should always remember in our mind, that we are born only as ordinary mortals, made out of flesh and blood, and we are subjected to death at any time. Hence, let our mouth always praise the god, let our eyes watch his divine beauty, let our legs march towards his temples, let our hands bow before him obediently, let our entire body surrender at his lotus feet.Hence let us avoid spreading controversial statement about our marvellous deities, and let us sanctify them by regularly worshipping them.


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