Control of Lust by Worshipping Maa Shakti

Durga Mata face HD

Durga Mata face HD

We can control our worst enemy, ‘LUST’, by worshipping Ma Shakti Devi. Being the Divine mother, if we sincerely pray to her, in order to control our senses, she would turn our badness into goodness, and would prosper our life. Those who cause either physical or mental wounds to the women, would be severely punished by Mata Shakti Devi, and in their next birth, they would have to suffer a lot. Though Prostitution is considered as a sinful activity, still some people are engaging innocent girls in this trade, and they are totally destroying their lives.

Prostitution is an act of involving in sexual activity and a person who involves in the field of prostitution is called as a prostitute and she is also called as a sex worker, and by engaging in this worst trade, they are getting affected with HIV/AIDS, and due to that, they suffers a lot in their life, and are also counting their days.

It is usually done by the young girls due to poverty, family problems and for other reasons. Most of the young girls are forced into this trade by some men in order to earn more money by using these innocent girls as their investment.

Though prostitution is banned in most of the countries, but still this system is practiced in some countries. All these types of miseries happen to the girls due to their past birth sins. However, if some social service organisations and some kind hearted individuals come forward to stop this flesh trade, then the affected girls would remember and thank them throughout their life. Girls also must be very cautious while facing any strangers in their life. If any unknown young man praises them, then they should not become the prey for them.

Some people are doing this business in order to get lot of money without any hard work. For getting a suitable girl, they are trying all kinds of methods to catch them into their trade.

Actually as per the sayings of Hinduism, each and every girl must have to be worshipped as the form of Mata Shakti Devi. Whenever a man sees a girl, he should consider her as his own daughter, and if he sees an elderly woman, he should consider her as his own sister, or his own mother, and must provide the necessary help to her if she requests him to do so. Our each and every activity is getting accounted in the books of the divine accountant Lord ChitraGupta. If we do good acts, we would live happily in our life, whereas if we do bad acts, then our life would become miserable, and then there is no use in finding fault with the god.

Lord Krishna in his Bhagavad Gita says “You must have to control the Lust. If you control that, then you would become the holy person in the earth”. Similarly all the religions ask us to live a disciplined life. But some people are not reading the good matters from the holy books, and they are also not listening to the divine lectures conducted in the temples by the divine discoursers.

Instead of fulfilling our desires like lust by adopting wrong methods, we can concentrate our attention on worshipping Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. Both of them are the divine avatars of Lord Vishnu, and they are also trying to remove the badness in the minds of the people.But without our cooperation they cannot make us to become pious and holy in our life.

Hence let us think spiritually, do good things in our life, treat all the women as the incarnations of the holy Durga Ma and be blessed.


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