Chitra Nakshatram, Chitra Birth Star Astrology Predictions

Chitra nakshatra or Chitta nakshatram is the 14th nakshatram in the list of 27 Nakshatras in Hindu Astrology. If you born in Chitra nakshatra (birth star constellation), based on your birth time and pada of Chitra nakshatra, you are categorized under either Kanya Rasi (Virgo zodiac) or Tula Rasi (Libra zodiac). Chitta nakshatra’s first two (1, 2) padas fall under Virgo and remaining two (3, 4) padas fall under Libra. Here are the predictions of your personality and characteristics.

Physical Features:

As you are a native of Chitra birth star, you may have strong and well shaped body. You may attract people with your physique. Your smile is loved by many people and they really want your friendship. You may look younger than your actual age.


As your Deity is Lord Viswakarma, the divine architect, you are creative, imaginative and smart thinker. You are known for your smart talking. People may appreciate your artistic view. You may have strong and brave attitude. Decent, dignified, loyal, generous and warm hearted are the words that describe your characters in one sentence. You may defeat your enemies gallantly.

You are known for your grace and sophisticated lifestyle. You can easily stand out in a crowd. Some people may think that you are cunning and selfish. You love arts and all beautiful stuff. You are fond of good clothes.

Education and Profession:

As you are a good learner and intuitive, you are capable of accomplishing higher studies. You are good at mathematics, science, medicine and arts. You may become a good professional person in painting and writing. You are suitable to study industrial engineering and biomedical engineering.

You feel good at your workplace. You may see a clear settlement in your professional side. You may suffer from some of your cunning colleges.

Careers Ideally Suited for You:

As you are research minded and willing to learn, professions related to research, and teaching are suitable for you. As you like mechanical analysis, you may become a good surgeon, architect, and automobile engineer and may search for other intellectual professions.

As you like arts, you may find a good career in visual arts, advertizing, designing, interior decoration and careers related to horticulture and gardening. Some of you may convert your hobby into a full-time profession.

Family Life:

You may have an ideal life partner. You are the favorite person for your family members. Your problem solving attitude makes you closer to your relatives and neighbors.

Health Problems:

You may prone to the diseases related to urinary system such as kidney and bladder troubles. You may suffer from migraine (head ache), psychiatric and brain disorders.

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