Chintrangada, Wife of Arjuna

Chitrangada is the Princess of Manipura, and the daughter of king Chitravahana and she was one of the consorts of Arjuna.

Once Arjuna visited the kingdom of Manipura, and fell in love with Chitrangada, due to her braveness and kindness. He visited king Chitravahana, and expressed his desire to marry his beautiful daughter Chitrangada, and through the blessings of Chitravahana, he married Chitrangada, and they had a son named as Babruvahana. Arjuna stayed with his wife and son for a few years, and went back to his kingdom of Hastinapur.

Due to a curse, Arjuna was killed by his own son Babruvahana, and he was brought back alive, by his consort Ulupi. Later Arjuna took Ulupi, Chitrangada and his son Babhruvahana to Hasitnapura, and lived in a prosperous manner.

Let us worship Mata Chitrangada and be blessed.

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