Chaturmukhi Rudraksha Mantram, Stotram

Chaturmukhi Rudraksha Mantram, Stotram is given here. The prayer for four Mukhi rudraksha is read by the devotees who wear Chaturmukha Rudraksha bead.

Four faced Rudraksha, aka 4 Mukhi Rudraksha, Char mukhi Rudraksha or Chaturmukhi Rudraksha, represents Lord Brahma i.e. the creator of the Universe.

Four faced Rudraksha helps to increase intelligence and wit. It is said, if it is wore in the right hand, nobody can stand to face the wearer. It is useful in the treatment of asthma, stammering, diverting the mind towards knowledge. It is good for the people having difficulties with respiratory problems.

Chaturmukhi Rudraksha Mantram

Chaturmuntu Rudraksham Chaturvaktra Swaroopakam

Yadhaarannachayadvenktrah Prifyatetanityadaa


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