Chandra Grahan in Makara Rashi – 27|28 July 2018

Chandra Grahan in Makara Rashi, 27 July 2018 will take place as a Sampurna Chandra Grahanam (Total Lunar Eclipse).

This Chandra Grahanam is – ‘Ketu Grastha Sampurna Chandra Grahanam which will take place at East side Grahana Sparsha for the Moon. It will take place in Uttarashada Nakshatra & Shravana Nakshatra, Makara Rashi, Mesha Lagna, Vrishabha Lagna & Mithuna Lagna.

As this occurs in Uttarashada Nakshatra & Shravana Nakshatra, the natives of the both Nakshatrams and other natives of Makara Rashi should not watch this Grahan.

Chandra Grahan Maas Phal :

Since this Chandra Grahan is taking place in Ashada Month, this will give bad results for small water streams and rivers. Some of the water streams and rivers in India will go dry due to drought.

Afghanistan, Kashmir, China, etc. will face the political turmoils and natural calamities. Loss of lives and wealth is on cards.

Chandra Grahan Vaar Phal :

Since this Chandra Grahan takes place on Friday, the prices of Silver, Pearls, and some other metals and gemstones will soar ahead.

In Balochistan and Kashmir, political turmoils and terrorism will grow. The price of white clothes, sugar, ghee, dal and cotton will surge ahead. There is possibility of revival of international cultural and traditional festivals.

Chandra Grahan Nakshatra Phal :

Since this Chandra Grahan will be taking place in Uttarashada & Shravana Nakshatra, fear among the Brahmin community will grow. Those who are involved in Wrestling or the traditional Kushti fight will feel the heat.

Chandra Grahan Yog Phal :

Since this Chandra Grahan takes place in Preeti Yog, the cooperation and coordination among Ministers in centre and state and among themselves will touch the rock bottom. Due to this governance may get hit.

Chandra Grahan in Makar Rashi

Chandra Grahan in Makar Rashi will affect the populations of fish and other aquatic animals. Those who are living in Southern parts will be affected in many ways.

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