Chakradhar Swami Punyatithi

Chakradhar Swami Punyatithi is observed as Nirvana tithi of the swamiji. Chakradhar Swami Punyatithi falls on Chauth in Vad Paksha of Magha Month as per Gujarati calendar. In 2013, Chakradhar Swami Punyatithi date is March 1.

Chakradhar Swami was born at Bharavas (Bharuch, present day Gujarat). To spread Mahanubhava sect of Vaishnavism, he performed Yatras all over Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Sarvadnya Shri Chakradhar Swami was saint and the founder of the Mahanubhava Sect in Vaishnavism in 1267. He propagated a religious movement as well as social movement, in which all were accepted irrespective of their castes and the traditional ritualistic religion was rejected. He brought religious harmony and equality in Indian society.


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