Business Muhurat 2021 | Auspicious dates & Time for Starting Business in 2021

Business Muhurat or Vipani Muhurat is an auspicious time for starting business. Here is the list best Businesss Muhurtha in 2021 for starting business and extending it.

These muhurtham dates are calculated by standard Panchangams of India. The Nakshatra (star), lagnam (Ascendent), and the time for best vipani muhurtha are given in the list of Business Muhurat 2021.

Vipani Muhurat is applicable for not only starting business but also for all financial, technical, and other money-related issues of the business. The muhurtham date and time may vary according to the Nakshatra and Janm Kundli of the person who are responsible for the business.

It is common practice to open a shop or business house inviting friends and relatives at an auspicious Muhurtha, after conducting Pooja and lighting a lamp.

The important conditions for election of auspicious time for Opening a shop, applied in Hindupad are as follows: Auspicious week days, Auspicious Nakshatra, Auspicious Tithi, Auspicious Nityayogas, Auspicious Karana, etc.

Apart from these common Panchanga shuddi checks, the general astrological quality based on the horoscope for the moment is also analysed. Also, the factors such as Solar and Lunar eclipses, Sankranti and Sandhyakalam  are  considered during the Muhurtha search.

There are variations in regional practices for selecting Muhurtha for opening a shop. You are advised to take these factors also into consideration while selecting a Muhurtha from the list of time slots provided by Hindupad.

Business Muhurat in January 2021 | व्यापार आरम्भ मुहूर्त जनुअरी २०२१

There is no auspicious Business Muhurat in January 2021. इस माह में व्यापार आरम्भ के शास्त्रोक्त मुहूर्तों का अभाव है |

Business Muhurat in February 2021 | व्यापार आरम्भ मुहूर्त फरवरी २०२१

There is no auspicious Business Muhurat in February 2021. इस माह में व्यापार आरम्भ के शास्त्रोक्त मुहूर्तों का अभाव है |

Business Muhurat in March 2021 | व्यापार आरम्भ मुहूर्त मार्च २०२१

There is no auspicious Business Muhurat in March 2021. इस माह में व्यापार आरम्भ के शास्त्रोक्त मुहूर्तों का अभाव है |

Business Muhurat in April 2021 | व्यापार आरम्भ मुहूर्त अप्रैल २०२१

21 April 2021, Wednesday – Chaitra Shukla Navami – Pushya Nakshatra. Ram Navami (Abuj Muhurat). This muhurat is auspicious for the natives of vrishabha rashi, mithuna rashi, karka rashi, kanya rashi, tula rashi, vrischika rashi, makar rashi, kumbha rashi, meena rashi.

25 April 2021, Sunday – Chaitra Shukla Trayodashi – Hasta Nakshatra. Auspicious Time = 8.20 AM to 4.00 PM. This Muhurat is auspicious for the natives of Mesha Rashi, Vrishabha Rashi, Simha Rashi, Kanya Rashi, Vrischika Rashi, Dhanu Rashi, Makar Rashi, Meena Rashi.

29 April 2021, Thursday – Vaishakha Krishna Tritiya. Anuradha Nakshatra. Auspicious Time = till 11.30 AM. This Muhurat is auspicious for the natives of Vrishabha Rashi, Mithuna Rashi, Karka Rashi, Kanya Rashi, Tula Rashi, Vrischika Rashi, Makara Rashi, Kumbha Rashi and Meena Rashi.

For Customised and personalised Business Starting Muhurtham, write to with subject line of ‘Business Starting Muhurat’. Please note that this is a paid service..

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    hindu auspicious day to start new business in october 2016

  78. Kashmiri Jyoti Kumar Nath says:

    My dob is 26.09.1986. Birth time is 14:14. Opening a shop in the month of March. Plz suggest an auspicious day and muhurat for it. Thank you in advance.

  79. sunil pawar says:

    .l am opening a shop in march.plz suggest shubh divas .

  80. rakrsh jaiswal naiyer alam says:

    readymade shop opening 1stweek muharat

  81. manoj kumar pareek says:

    I am new shop Ptanjali aarogya opning aprel 2016 ,plz subhh muharat

  82. Nadipelle Raajeshwarrao says:

    My Money Developed Business open plan 2016 may month open Branch

  83. Pankaj says:

    My dob is 03-08-1973. Birth time is 11am.Dehradun Uttrakhand.
    .l want Opening a Sweet shop & Restaurant in the month of april. Plz suggest an auspicious day and muhurat for it. Thank you.

  84. लाख न साकले says:

    सर मूजै मई 2016 मे बिजनश सूरू करना है अछासा महारत बताइए

  85. Jitendra Mishra says:

    Sir my dob is 10/03/1963.iwant to start businesse for Xerox and insuarane in ghaziabad from 8/5/16

  86. Dr varin chadha says:

    Sir my dob is 15jan1986.and my wife dob is 30 aug 1987.I want to start a new dental clinic by her name .can u plz tell me most gavourable date in may and june

  87. puneet bhatia says:

    Sir main general store kholna chahta hun apneapne shahar mai, meri D.O.B 29/05/1985 hai koi badhiya shubh muhurat batain please.

  88. Devidin says:

    Sir,mujhe jwelari shop ka open kab krna chhiye
    June me koi achha Muhrat btaeye

  89. Monica says:

    My dob is 30/10/75 .want to startup boutique. Which is the right date for me in month of July

  90. Deepak kumar Chaubey says:

    Dear sir I want to open a small bakery shop in July . What are the good dates in July .

  91. Lalit kumar jain says:

    Sir ji muje pali me business krna he subh din bataye

  92. Sachin garg says:

    Sir my dob is 01/05/83. I want to start a bussiness for retail outlet for petrol. Please suggest an auspicious day in the month of july 2016.

  93. Parul says:

    Sir, My name is Parul jain . I am propritor for Shri S.P.Industry,& wants to open the business /factory for interlocking tiles suggest some suitable date for muhrat in August month

  94. Jitender sunder sagvekar says:

    New business gold shop
    Pli. Lucky date

  95. Rajib Singh says:

    Sir, I am physically handicapped boy. I want to start a joint business (mobile repairing shop) with my brother-in-law, matlab jija sath milke aur jija ke jamin par dokan kholna chahta hu. (My date of birth is 5-june-1989 and my birth place is Shikhpura district of Bihar. And my date of time is 9:45am or 9:55am. As far I know my Rashi is Mithun, and my Lagna is Kark, and my Nakchatra is Ardra.) I want to open my shop in Midnapore district of West Bengal. Because I leave here. Please know me What is Auspicious date to open new shop. Thank you. Thank you very much.

  96. Mughal Mohammed rafi says:

    my d/b 12.03.1980 night 1.10 also 13.03.1980 anantapur. (AP) my new led lighting bords shop opening short ley this month pls i recvecit date & time suggest

  97. priyanka says:

    Mere husband ne new shop ki hai plz tell me shubh muhrat date of birth is 25 jan 1985 aap isi week ka best din batai

  98. laldhar mahato says:

    luxury colluction

  99. manohar lal choudhary says:

    Mujhe October me dukan ke liye subh muharth chayie

  100. Akash Dubey says:

    Mai 12 ko apni shop ki opnig krne soch rahe h kya ye dun subh h ki nahi .
    Thank you

  101. Bhagwan Manglani says:


  102. Bhagwan Manglani says:


  103. Laxmi narayan says:

    Pls new and best business moharat

  104. Suprotik hazra says:

    I want to open automobile workshop in 17 january 2017 is this good date fir opening pl tell me

  105. ramniwas says:

    sir m gold silver ka shop open kar rah hu tirupthi m vo area ka name renigunta h mourths ka time table batho sir tnq

  106. jaikumar says:

    moving business location within same city (Houston, USA) end of October or November. please suggest good days and time for it. Thank you

  107. Rajesh Chetwani says:

    Mera DOB 26/02/1978 morning 7.00am. Mein 9 February 2017 ko medical store ki opening karna chata hu plz tell me is right time or not

  108. sankarsana pradhan says:

    I want to start a business in bhubaneswar by November month in the name of M/S.S N P ENTERPRISES fire and safety engineers i need your help

  109. pallavi says:

    18 Nov muhurtham ok. Can you give urs timing

  110. Arun Kumar says:

    me Arun Kumar
    me September 2017 me kapde ki dukan kholna chahta hu please sahi time or day bataye

  111. Pramod narayan mishra says:

    As per your calender 09dec 2016 is the day for startinf new buisiness but time is not mention please let me know on my email

  112. madhav says:

    Hi I want to open an mattress and mattress products trading shop in december 4/5/9 as per your dates.
    So kindly suggest me the muhurat dates which is suitable for us. Company registration is on my wife name MUKTESHWARI DOB:23/03/1987, firm M/S.SIDDIVINAYAK TRADERS.
    I am Madhav rao chape DOB:15/07/1989.
    Kindly assist us.
    Looking forward for your kind reply.


  113. Dileep mehta says:

    Dear sir ,mai new business start karna chahta hu please tell me 5dec to 15 dec 2016

  114. sanjeev says:

    I want start new bussines in december at help the best day in december month

  115. Rajesh says:

    Sir my name Rajesh,I want open a new shop plz tell me best date nd time

  116. deepak says:

    Hi sir mujhe January2017 me new shop open krni h koi acha murth send kro please

  117. deepak says:

    Hi sir mujhe January2017 me new shop open krni h koi acha murth date and best time
    send kro please

  118. Kuber sahu says:

    Mandate ji my name Kuber sahu. I’m planning New business start. Japanese food outlets.p please give me which date OK for me.

  119. shyni reghu says:

    Sir I am shyni. my nakshtra is anizham. I want to open a new shop. Sir please tell me best date and time

  120. Mahantesh Ronad says:

    My dob on 23 Nov 1981
    Started business venture on 13 th Jan 2017 in mumbai. This date I have chosen from your site. Please describe whether I have chosen right. Thank you in advance

  121. Vijay Gupta says:

    Hello Sir,

    My name is Vijay Gupta, DOB – 21/04/1984 at 08:05 am, from Dahanu Road(Maharashtra). Am going to start Dairy business with buffaloes. Please tell me good day & time between 17/01/2017 to 15/02/2017 for business.

  122. Gopi kumar Gupta says:

    Sir please tell me subh date. for medical opening February 2017. Deoghar Jharkhand.

  123. Kirti ub says:

    Hello sir,
    Me n my husband are doctors in town place n starting our small clinic….Can u tell us murut in month of March 2017….. I m Feb 19 born n my husband is June 9 th born.
    Thank u

  124. Harish kumar says:

    Hiii I am starting a business of bhoomi estates and interiors with bhoomi tour and travels in March it’s in k r pram my date of birth is 23/11/977 ashwini nakshatra and mesha rasi plss tell me a date in March and 2017which day and time so it will be aspious for me

  125. Aditya Agarwal says:

    Sir, I want open a new restaurant business in April , shop name is my grand mother name,and proprietor is my self Aditya agarwal dob is 31july94, please tell me at least 2-3day best muhurat.

  126. Sanjay Kumar says:

    I am start a new business for medicine. Please tell me a Best time & Dated.

  127. Deepak says:

    Sir I want start a cab business in this month in banglore my name is deepak.m place give a date and time and good name we starting in pantership

  128. V.Ramadevi says:

    I am doing a job in insurance company as a financial advisor.i am generally to talk with the people.i want to know ,Wich days and times r the best to success in my job.

  129. Gopalakrishnan V m says:

    I want to start business in may /June of 2017. My DOB is 1/9/1964. Port Blair. Please give me best date.

  130. Ravindra says:

    Hello Guruji, I am planning to start business related to medical equipment, please suggest me time and date to start, and puja vidhi vidhan. My birth date is 09/07/1973. Thank you.

  131. Govindaraj says:

    Auspicious day in this month ( july 2017) for opening a building traders shop

  132. Sanjeev says:

    My name is sanjeev
    I want to start apple harvesting. Please tell me shubh muhhurat in July 2017 when will I start

  133. vinod kapoor says:

    which are the best datest in coming months for greh parvesh
    vinod kapoor dob 29.07.51 tob 10.40 pm
    neelam kapoor dob 27.06.57 00.30 am

  134. Dr sangeeta kumari agrawal says:

    Busyness starting muhuratam

  135. prasanta kumar pandey says:

    2 august 2017 ko …subha ke kis time new shop kholna chahiye..

  136. amit sharma says:

    Sir, i want to open a restaurant on 4.9.17, please instruct it will be fruitful for me or not.

    Amit Sharma
    Birth Date 4.10.1973 at 7.43 Am
    Birth place = Kanpur. U.p.

  137. Srikrishna Agarwal says:

    Srikrishna Agarwal m/sYASHVI international Ranchi.
    My shop is ready to query is “could I open the shop in bhado”.I got opinion from my nearest and dearest fifty fifty.
    One more clarification before starting renovation work or civil work I did puja on auspious day Rath yatra. Now you please clear I m in dilemma.

  138. Anup kumar Saha says:

    Sir, I am Anup Kumar Saha, DOB : 08.05.1970 at 12:45pm from Barishal district, Bangladesh. I want to start a new dealership business (Soyabean oil, mustered oil, wheat, rice, sugar, salt, bottle water etc.). My business name SAAD ENTERPRISE. So kindly suggest me which days and times are the best to success in my business.
    Looking forward for your kind reply.
    Best Regards
    Anup Kumar Saha
    email :

  139. MANU says:

    Join a world class buisness, equal opportunity to everyone contact mr. MANU SHARMA 8961226689

  140. Srihari says:

    Guruji Namaskar, my name G.N.Srihari my DOB 14/07/1975 and I want to start small readymade garments business from home for time being in this month as I read 23 sep 17 is good day, so at what time should I start the pooja and business kindly advice me

  141. Pravallika says:

    Hi Sir my name is lakshmi pravallika. I want to open an beauty Parlour in this month.y nakshtra is purvabadta 2nd padam. So could you please tell me which date and time is favourable for my new Parlour opening.

  142. Tracy Basner says:

    Hello my name is Tracy Basner dob 5/7/67 my business partner Sandra Wilson dob 4/14/67 . We are opening a beautiful salon/spa and would like to know what days and times around November 15th would be most auspicious time to open our doors for business. Thank you so much

    • Ayesha says:

      Sir, My name is ayesha. DOB 11/10/1995, i hope to startnew cake business. Can i do the business successfuly? If i can Kindly give me best time and date start the new business.
      Thank you.

  143. Abhishek Mishra says:

    Date to open clinic?

  144. pradeep chandran says:

    kindly say best time to star new office in november 1st 2017

  145. Kanchan Katyain says:

    My name is Kanchan Katyain. I want to open a restaurant in 2018 in Jan. Pls tell me shubh muharat and suitable date.

  146. V.g.asha says:

    Hai I’m v.g.asha like to start pre School in 2018 April With friends please let me know auspicious day to open the school


    I am planning to open a music school by the end of this november or beginning of December 2017. Kindly suggest me some auspicious dates and timings.
    Thanks and regards

  148. Ekta bhardwaj says:

    My name ekta bhardwaj….I want open readymade garments shop in Nov.2017….
    Plz suggest good date nd timming…
    And which best words starts my new business

  149. Kavita Sinha says:

    मैं कविता सिन्हा, अपना नया व्यवसाय 30/11/2017 को शुरू करना चाहता हूँ। कृपया कर उस दिन व्यवसाय शुरू करनो का शुभ समय के बारे में बताएँ। धन्यवाद

  150. Raja Sujantha Sekar says:

    Sir I want to start bussiness in this month any excellent date is there sir I am belong to Kumba rasi purathathi nashtharim kaniya laghanam sir

  151. Mangalgautam says:

    Sir I want open the new business on the date off 01/01/2018 my rashi is singha

  152. Ashok Kumar yadav says:

    Sir mai New school khol rha hu Mujhe udghatan Karne or Puja ke liye March me subh din bataye

  153. Uttam Ramchandra Kamble says:

    I want to start small Kirana shop, breakfast shop in Goa Shop searched and face to west and road at south and west please give me opening muhurat In Jan

  154. Naresh Sirvi says:

    Sir me glass and plywood shop khol raha hu January -February -march me Koi achha muhurt bataiye

  155. Mukund honrao says:

    I want host website please give me proper date and time to start birth date is 18/10/1975, birth time is 9.45 am and birth place is deolali gaon (nashik road)

  156. Renu says:

    Febuary me new business opening karne ke liye shub date btaye pls.

  157. amarsingh charan says:

    restaurant opening muhurt in March 2018

  158. Hirdesh says:

    कर्क राशि वालों के लिए वर्ष 2018 में नये व्यापार करने के लिए शुभ मुर्हुत कौन कौन से हैं।

  159. Rakhi Kamath says:

    A date in month of June to start a preschool business

  160. reshma kumar says:

    good day in june to open new resturant

  161. reshma lata prasad says:

    good day in june to open new resturant

  162. Sanjay ray says:

    I want to start a business in the month of June.

  163. Sanjay Bansod says:

    what about June

  164. Prs RAGHAVAN says:

    Muhurath to start trading in june 2018

  165. Ramamohanreddy says:

    May I know the powerful muhurtham dates to start the business in July, & August


    New shop opening muhurt 1or 2sept please guide me. thanks

  167. dr neel Tewary says:

    My name is khushbu Tewary, I am a gynecologist I want open my clinic my dob is 12.5.1982 at near about 06.47 AM in Patna my rashi is dhanu, which day is auspacious

  168. Arghya Prasun Biswas says:

    I want to open a sweet shop in september. Kindly suggest me an auspicious date and time along with muharat for it. My date of birt is 03. 07. 1961.

  169. Lokesh Sapra says:

    Best time to start a new business (Departmental Store) in the month of September 2018

  170. Shalini says:

    After 9 the of November in 2018?

  171. Raju says:

    Pandit ji any muhurat for gym opening in December

  172. PRIYANKA SAREEN says:

    How about Dec 2018

  173. Purandar says:

    I am from Janakalu gotram, Kanya Rashi, Hastha Nakshatram, Birth Place: Mumbai DOB 05-09-1959 Time of Birth 3.25 am.
    I am residing in Bangalore and wish to know the suitable time for Opening my new Office/ Shop in Bangalore. Can any one advise me soon as to the most Auspicious days for doing pooja before entry into my new Office/ Shop.

  174. subhash chander says:

    When nails making machinery enter in factory and start also August month

  175. Minu says:

    Pls koi subh muhurat August k apne bussiness k liye

  176. Gorambhi rajput says:

    subh muhurat for the opening of shop in October 2019

  177. abhinav says:

    please tell me shubh mahurat for opening new business/shop in november 2019

  178. 9894013950 says:

    Witch date business start Dec month

  179. Sojan says:

    What time to start new business On this month

  180. V.venkateswarareddy says:

    Shop opening to this month .shub muhurtham

  181. Ramesh says:

    Bed Sheets ka business start karna chahti hoon.
    DOB 15/9/1969
    TOB 0500 hrs
    POB Dhampur UP
    Kripya shubh mahurat ka samay bataie.
    Inhi नवरात्रि में

  182. Ramya says:

    My name is ramya .Star is punarvusha, raasi midhunam I want to start idly and dosa better business is it good for me