Budhwaar Vrat Katha, Story of Wednesday Vrat

The Budhwaar Vrat is observed on Wednesdays to get the blessings of planet Mercury. The story of Budhwaar Vrat is associated with a newly wed couple.

Here is the story of Wednesday vrat, Budhvaar Vrat… 

Once there lived a newly wed couple. On a Sunday  he went to his father in laws house to take his wife with him for the first time. He was given a royal welcome and he stayed in the in-laws house for two days enjoying the hospitality.

Then on Wednesday, he wanted to leave as he had some urgent work and told his in laws about this. But his in laws insisted that sending daughters on Wednesday is not a good thing and asked him to stay for one more day. But he was adamant and finally the in laws agreed to send the daughter along with him.

On the way, the wife felt thirsty and asked the husband to get some water. The husband went in search of water towards the town. Meanwhile, another person resembling her husband came with water and the wife was not able to identify and started chatting with him.

Then the real husband arrived and was taken aback seeing this. Then the matter went to the police and then the lady was asked as to who was her real husband. Even she was not able to identify the real one as both of them looked so similar.

Then the King asked his minister to deliver justice in the case. The minister ordered both of them to be locked up in different cells for the night. The real husband was worried and spent the night in tension. In the morning, when the minister was asked to deliver the verdict, he said that the person who spent sleepless night was the real husband. Thus the husband was released. But when they went to check the other person, they could not find him in the cell.

The minister analysed the situation and said that it was non other than planet mercury who had come to teach the husband a lesson for neglecting him. Then the couple reached their home and related the story to their family. This story is to be read every Wednesday while observing the Budhvaar Vrat.

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