Brahma Rahasya | What is Brahma Rahasya

Brahma Rahasya means the secrets of happiness which we can derive it from our own soul. Once when Rishi Narada met his father Lord Brahma, and informed to him about the troubles and turmoil faced by the people in the earth. On hearing this, Lord Brahma laughed for a while, and then he said, “I am creating the people not for getting worried. I used to create all the living beings in the earth with utmost care and affection on them. But at the same time, even I have to bow my head before the laid down rules of the almighty. People are subject to their Karmic deeds, and even I cannot escape from that, if I commit any mistakes. But at the same time, there are certain easy ways to remain happy throughout their life. And among the several ways, one way is to keep realising the great almighty from the soul. If people began to get the vision of the god from their soul itself, then automatically their worries would come down, and even if they are subject to severe bad karmas, they would be able to easily face it, due to their bhakti on the god”.After hearing the wonderful message from the mouth of his father Brahma, Narada had got very much delighted, and by chanting his favourite Narayana Mantra, “NARAYANA, NARAYANA”, he moved away from that place.

Lord Krishna while delivering his Bhagavat Gita teachings to the great Arjuna has told several times about happiness. “Oh my dear Arjuna, people are become very tired in searching for the true happiness. But wherever they go, they cannot get the real happiness, since happiness lies in one’s soul, and it cannot be bought from anywhere else. One can realise me through his soul by doing constant prayers and meditation. It is not easy to get addicted with devotion. Only through constant practice, a person can become my devotee. And once if they tied me in their souls, then I would never leave them alone, and I would always protect them, guide them and bless them”.

Similar to Lord Krishna, several saints like Adishankara, Madhwacharya and Ramanuja insist us to find out the almighty on our soul, since by doing that, we can get entire happiness, which we cannot get it from any other place.

Hence in order to get unlimited happiness, let us develop more and more devotion on the almighty, and by placing him in our soul, we would never get bored in our lives.


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