Maharaja Bijli Pasi

Maharaja Bijli Pasi was a king from the Pasi community, which is considered as a lower caste, in North India. He ruled the present day Lucknow, and it is believed, that he has constructed a few temples for Lord Shiva and Vishnu in Uttar Pradesh.

Bijli Pasi was against caste discrimination, and he treated all the people as alike. He loved the people from Brahmin community, and awarded the learned Brahmin scholars. He was interested in hearing divine poems on Lord Shiva, and used to worship Shiva in the temples. He gave important status to the Dalit community people, and he also granted them proper position in his court.

Bijli Pasi was considered as a hero by his community people. Bijli Pasi was a great warrior, and he has expanded his kingdom by conquering some small minor kingdoms in Uttar Pradesh. He ruled his kingdom in a well versed manner, and he gave a GOLDEN RULE to his people. He honoured the other religious people also, and respected their sentiments and beliefs.He also treated women with good respect, and gave various privileges to them. Still now some North Indian Dalit community people are considering him as their demigod, and some of them are worshipping him similar to their Ishta Devata. Some North Indian political parties also are honouring him similar to the Dalit Saints and the noble person Dr BR Ambedhkar.

It is believed that King Bijli Pasi considered Guru Ravidas as his spiritual guru, and used to worship him in his Mandir. After rendering a valuable service to the society, the great Bijli Pasi has died. Though now he is not alive, his selfless service to the society cannot be forgotten by us, and he would be remembered forever.In our Indian history, we can find lot of noble rulers, who fought for the welfare of the society, and who lived in a righteousness manner.


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