Bhujangastra Murthi, Lord Shiva with Serpent as weapon

Bhujangastra murthi is the form of Lord Shiva, where he uses Serpent as the weapon. The Serpent is well known as one of the main Ornaments of Lord Shiva. But in some circumstances, Lord Shiva has made the Serpent as one of the most dangerous weapons. The Serpent as the weapon is also called as Nagastra, which means the Serpent as the weapon.

In some of the epics related to Lord Shiva and Lord Nagaraja, who is called the God of Serpents, Lord Shiva had killed the demons by sending the dangerous Serpent upon the demons.

Though some of the demons gained the powers or boon not getting killed by the beings like Serpent, and other creatures, the God Nagaraja being the part of Lord Shiva’s mainstream followers, has exclusive powers to destroy some of the demons. The poison omitted by the holy Serpent has the vicious power to end one’s life. In the epics, it is found that all the Warriors, including the Arjuna in Mahabharata, have performed severe penance to attain the Nagastra. This shows the divine value of Nagastra.

Lord Shiva is known as Bhujanggastramurthi, by destroying a number of demons by using the Serpent as his one of the main stream weapons. Though other weapons of Lord Shiva, which include the holy Trident and the deadly third eye, the most widely used weapon by Lord Shiva is none other than the Serpent.

When any of the demons is performing severe penance towards Lord Shiva, the first test they face would be from the Serpent, by which one can get easily deviated by it’s poisonous nature.

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