Bhagat Pipa | Pratap Singh Raja Pipaji, Rao Pipa, Sardar Pipa, Sant Pipaji, Pipa Bairagi, Pipanand Acharya

Bhagat Pipa was a Rajput King of Gagaraungarh who had left his kingdom, and became a poet and saint. He was born in the Malwa region of Rajasthan in the year 1425. Bhagat Pipa’s poems are included in the Guru Granth Sahib.

He was born in a royal family, and at his younger age itself, he was considered as a great Shiva Shakti devotee. Thereafter, he adopted Vaishnavism, and become a disciple of Swamy Ramananda, and sincerely served his guru.

Even after becoming a saint, his pious and chaste wife, stayed along with him and looked after him properly, and she didn’t want to enjoy the luxurious life in the palace, and lived a simple life along with her husband.

Bhagat Pipa was a kind person, and once, when the robbers tried to steal his belongings, he didn’t get angry, and he gave the entire belongings to them, along with his cow and the calf, and showed great mercy on them, and due to his kind act, the robbers were changed their mind, and became his disciples.

Pipa met the great saint Sri Ravidas at Kasi and spent some time with him by discussing devotional matters. Pipa had provided wholesome meals to the poor people, and fed the cows with grass, and he also dug wells for the use of the people.

Pipa asked the people to realize the god within one’s own self, and ask them to treat their body like a holy temple, and insists them to make themselves pure and clean. He insists them to maintain a simple life, and to keep their mind always active by doing valuable service to others.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.

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