Benefits of worshipping Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva art

Lord Shiva art

The scriptures of Lord Shiva states that whoever worships his and Ma Parvati’s statue on Mahashivaratri and fasts will be dearer to him than his own son Kartik.

Therefore, Lord Shiva’s devotees observe a strict fast on Mahashivaratri, with many people not even consuming a drop of water. Worshippers religiously follow all the traditions and customs for the fast as they strongly believe that sincere worship of Lord Shiva on this auspicious day releases a person from all his sins and liberates him from the cycle of birth and death.

Devotees and pilgrims visit Lord Shiva temple for worshipping and praying to the lord and fulfilling their wishes and desires in personal and professional life.

  • Ablution (Washing) of Lord Shiva purifies one’s soul
  • One is said to attain a long and satisfactory life by making offerings (Naivaidya)
  • If you light a lamp you become more knowledgeable
  • One can get favourable results by offering Tambul to Lord Shiva
  • One can produce children by sprinkling/pouring milk on the Shiva Lingam
  • After bathing Lord Shiva with curd, one can buy vehicles
  • Lord Shiva darbha (a kind of grass) mixed in water offering helps to get rid of any kind of diseases
  • One can become wealthy by offering honey, ghee and sugarcane to Lord Shiva
  • One can attain salvation by bathing Lord Shiva with the holy water of the river Ganges

One attains liberation from the world, by the way of Moksha or Salvation.

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