Items required for Nabami Durga Puja

Items required for Nabami Durga Puja, material needed for Mahanabami Durga Puja are listed here. Flowers, 40 or 22 finger rings made of kusha, one ghoti , one nose ring, iron, two conch shells, a box of vermillion, flower garland, belpatra garland, a chandmala, one plate, items needed for the yadnya (fire sacrifice), bel leaves, gift for […]

Benefits of worshipping Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva

The scriptures of Lord Shiva states that whoever worships his and Ma Parvati’s statue on Mahashivaratri and fasts will be dearer to him than his own son Kartik. Therefore, Lord Shiva’s devotees observe a strict fast on Mahashivaratri, with many people not even consuming a drop of water. Worshippers religiously follow all the traditions and […]