Bathukamma celebrations in Thailand

Bathukamma aata

Bathukamma aata

Bathukamma in Thailand, Bathukamma celebrations in Thailand, how Bathukamma festival is celebrated in Thailand?

It is to be highly remembered that Hindu religion earns a lot of respect and following in Thailand. History of Thailand mentions that south Indian rulers ruled them centuries ago and build Hindu temples in Thailand. The Hindu religion is live in this part of the world because of the large number of immigrated Hindu Families during the British period and after India’s independence in this region of South-east Asia.

It is to be noted that among the south India population, there are large number of Andhrites and Telanganites living permanently and temporarily in Thailand. Bathukamma festival is celebrated with lot of spirit and enthusiasm in this corner of the world.  This spring festival of Goddess Gauri is marked with the making of floral stack by the married women folks with young unmarried girls. The men folks and children assist them in it making and immersion process.

During the nine days Bathukamma festivity, the youth along with the elders conduct this particular festival in the line of traditional telangana manner. Even the visiting parents and elders are happy with the way peoples are following the tradition and culture in this place.

The men folks along with the children gather seasonal flowers from plains and forest for the women folks. The family members get busy in their kitchen by preparing traditional meals and other food item for this festival. They conduct a lot of programmes and competition during the nine days of Bathukamma celebration. They invite the local residents in their locality to participate and understand this festival.

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