Engili Puvvula Bathukamma | 14 October 2023

3 Bathukamma, Fremont CA TDF USA no-watermark

3 Bathukamma, Fremont CA TDF USA no-watermark

14 October 2023 is Engili Puvvula Bathukamma, 1st day of Bathukamma festival. It falls on Mahalaya Amavasya, which is also popular as Pethara Amavasya in Telangana state.

Naivedyam, Palaharam for Engili Puvvula Bathukamma is any recipe made with nuvvulu (til / sesame), rice flour or Nookalu or just the mixture of sesame seeds and wet rice.

Batukamma Panduga or Bathukamma festival is the largest regional festival celebrated during Durga Navaratri in Telangana. In Telugu, ‘Bathukamma means ‘come alive Mother Goddess’. Bathukamma represents the Mother Goddess Gauri (Gauramma).

In 2023, Bathukamma festival begins on October 14 with Bhadrapada Amavasya and ends on October 22 and ends on with Saddula Bathukamma.

Bathukamma legend: story of Bathukamma festival

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Bathukamma sand sculpture by Tarani Prasad Misro

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