Bathukamma celebrations in Malaysia

Bathukamma in Malaysia – Bathukamma celebrations in Malaysia, how Bathukamma festival is celebrated in Malaysia?

During the nine days festival of Bathukamma in Malaysia, Telanganites who are permanently and temporarily settled in this developing nation celebrates the festival with lot of joy and happiness. They feel at home even after miles away from homeland. They are very proud to conduct and participate in the Bathukamma festivity in the traditional and cultural manner.

In 2013, Bathukamma festival begins on October 4th and ends on October 13th.

The dressing senses of Malaysian Telanganites are very good. They wear traditional dress, sport flowers in hair and wear jewelry. They visit the nearby Hindu temple and pray and do traditional rituals for prosperity, wealth and health. The families with relatives and friends participate in the Bathukamma festival. They also conduct Jammi puja and Durga Matha Puja and greet each other with Jammi leaves on this occasion.

There are many Telanganites associations in Malaysia. These are friends clubs and cultural association.  These clubs and association gives much importance to festival of Telangana peoples and Bathukamma festival come foremost in their list. They make all arrangement of smooth conduct of this festival in a grand manner by inviting a chief guest, families, relatives and friends. It is to be highly noted that even local residents of Malaysia also enjoy this festival with their counterparts.

The Hindu temples are well decorated for this particular festival in Malaysia. A large number of devotees attend the prayer and ritual programmes. Homemade prasadam is offered to the devotees. The women folks with the assistance of men folks and children arrange the floral stack. The young unmarried girls participate with lot of interest.

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