Banke Bihari Prakatotsav, Vrindavan Temple

Banke Bihariji Lord

Banke Bihariji Lord

BankeBihari Prakatotsav is an auspicious day when The Supreme Lord, incomprehensible by all human endeavor and knowledge, won over by dedication, humility and love of his devotees appeared to them in person. In 2013, Banke Bihari Prakatotsav date is December 7.

Banke Bihari Prakatotsav is observed on Bihar Panchami i.e. on Shukla Paksha Panchami in Margashirsha Month.

Entire premises of Nidhivan as well as the Bankey Bihari temple and surroundings are tastefully decorated with flowers, Patakas (flags), hangings and lights on this occasion.

Main celebrations of this day start at Shri Bankey Bihari ji Prakatya Sthal (place of appearance) in Nidhivan. Abhishek is conducted at this place early in the morning, the ceremony is conducted in full public view.

In this process the symbolic footprints of Shri Bankey Bihari ji Maharaj is given a ceremonial bath by milk, curd, honey, ghee and water. After the abhishek, the place is decorated as usual with fine cloths with frills, flowers and jewellery for this special occasion. The panchamrit Prasad (i.e. Prasad of abhishek, a mix of milk, curd, honey, ghee and water) is distributed among the devotees.

Later in the morning a grand procession is taken out from Nidhivan to the Shri Bankey Bihari temple. The procession consists of several brass bands, other musical performing groups, decorated elephants, high flags and keertan groups. It is headed by three decorated chariots housing the images of Swami Shri Haridasji, Shri Vithal (Veethal) Vipul Devji and Shri Goswami Jagannathji Maharaj (Goswami Jagannathji Maharaj was one of the principal disciple and younger brother of Swami Haridas ji to whom he handed over the responsibility of regular Sewa of Shri Bankey Bihari ji and the sewayat Goswamis at the temple are his descendents).

Devotees from far and near form their own keertan mandalis and become part of the procession. The spirit behind the procession is being – Swami Shri Haridasji along with his principal disciples going to greet Shri Bankey Bihari ji Maharaj on this auspicious occasion.

The procession passes through main bazaars of Vrindavan to reach Shri Bankey Bihari temple by the time of Rajbhog (12 in the noon). Images of saints are taken inside the temple and then Rajbhog is offered to Bihariji. Devotees believe that Bihariji enjoys the meals offered by Swami Haridas ji by his own hands, sitting in his lap on this day. After Rajbhog Arti, at the end of celebrations Prasad is distributed among the devotees.

Source: The official website of Bankebiharji Temple, Vrindavan.

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