BalaTripurasundari Mata

Balatripura Sundari Devi

Balatripura Sundari Devi

Ma BalaTripurasundari is a child goddess and she is an incarnation of Ma Shakti Devi who is popularly worshipped by her devotees all over India. It is believed that this child goddess would do wonders in the lives of her devotees, and so far, she has performed lot of miracles in the lives of her devotees, and still she is doing that.

Ma BalaTripurasundari is also believed to be an aspect of Ma Tripura Sundari, and she was born from the powers of Shiva Shakti. She is also worshipped as Ma Ashokasundari by her devotees. Since she is a child goddess, small children would eagerly worship her, and would consider her as their friend, and they would welcome her to their homes. Once she has alarmed the railway guard about the damage of the railway track, and she also relieved the diseases of the devotees by giving the holy Prasad items in the temples, by taking the form of a small child.

It is believed that the divine child would sit in the lap of Sri Kanchi Paramacharya, while he was performing puja to Lord Shiva. Along with him, she also used to put flowers to the holy Shiva Lingam. She would sit in our lap, and would play to us also, if we remove our bad habits like lust, anger and greed etc. We should consider all the young girls as the divine forms of Ma Bala Tripura Sundari and must respect them properly.

Nowadays, we would have read in some newspapers, that some people were molested girl children and also murdered them in order to destroy the evidence of killing the small children. But they cannot escape from the eyes of the law, and also they would get severe curse from Ma Bala Tripura Sundari.

Ma Bala Tripura Sundari would also appear in the dreams of her sincere devotees, and would guide them properly. There is a famous Bala Tripura Sundari Devi Temple, which is located in Nepal, and it was built during 12th century AD. Apart from that, there are temples for Ma Bala Tripura Sundari in India in Gujarat, Kukatpally of Hyderabad and in Kakinada. Those who are unable to visit these temples can at least watch the YouTube videos of these holy temples.

Ma Bala Tripura Sundari might also be born as a girl child to her sincere devotees in future, based on their luck and their good karmas. Let us pray to the divine child to be born to us, and let her give happiness and add sweetness in our lives.


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