Arulmigu BalaMuneeswarar Temple, Aranvoyal, Chennai

Arulmigu BalaMuneeswarar Temple is situated in Tiruvallur High Rd, Aranvoyal, Tamil Nadu 602025. Here Lord Muneeswarar appears in the form of a holy sage. There are some Muneeswaran Temples located in Tamil Nadu. Among those temples, this BalaMuneeswarar Temple is very famous, since the great Lord Muneeswara grants child to childless devotees. He also fulfils their reasonable wishes and relieves them from their diseases, fear and mental stress.

Muneeswarar is considered as an incarnation of Lord Shiva, and he is considered as the guardian god. In this temple, devotees used to offer both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food items, in order to please the god.

During the last century, Lord Muneeswarar appeared in the form of a boy in the dream of a local villager, and asked him to build a temple for him at the present day Aranvoyal village. The next day morning, the villager informed about the sweet news to others. Immediately all of them were gathered, put their money and started building a small temple for Lord Muneeswarar. After some time, due to the efforts of the local devotees, the temple had been transformed into a medium sized temple. Since Lord Muneeswarar appeared in the form of a boy in the dream of the villager, they have named the temple as “SREE BALA MUNEESWARAR TEMPLE”.

Still now lot of devotees from all parts of Tamil Nadu are visiting this holy temple, especially on Saturdays and Sundays, in order to get the glimpse of their beloved Lord Muneeswara. During Shivarathri and Navarathri festival days, huge crowd can be found inside the temple complex. While visiting this temple, we should chant the mantras, “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA”, and “OM SRI MUNEESWARAYA NAMAHA”, in order to gain goodness in our lives.

At this present day world, daily we are worrying about the deadly corona virus. Though at present, it is difficult to visit the temple, at least we can watch the videos of Lord Muneeswarar in YouTube Channel from our home itself.


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