Bala Shiva | Lord Shiva as Child | Child Form of Mahadev



Lord Shiva took the form of child for two times. Once he took the form of a child along with Lord Brahma and Vishnu, when all of them have decided to test the chastity of Ma Anusuya, the pious consort of the great Rishi Atri. Second time, after destroying the Tripurantaka, the demon city into ashes, Lord Shiva took the form of a child and sat in the lap of Ma Parvati. When the divine gods visited Kailasa to have a glimpse of Lord Shiva, all of them were astonished to see the child, and some of them have tried to attack the divine child. But the child, through his spiritual powers, had paralysed their hands, and began to smile on them. He has done like that in order to destroy their ego.

After some time, the divine gods, including Lord Brahma and Indra have realised that the child is none other than Lord Shiva. And after realising their mistake, all of them fell at the feet of the holy child and asked him to forgive their mistakes. The divine child had regained his original form as Lord Shiva, and blessed them, and also forgave their mistakes. It is also said that keeping the picture of the child form of Shiva in our puja room, would bring all kinds of prosperity in our lives. Childless couples are suggested to keep a picture of Balasivan in their homes, and they must worship him sincerely. Every Monday, they have to chant the Shiva Mantra, “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA”, must lit lamps in their puja room, and must perform puja to him.

Several thousands of years back, it is believed that there exist a separate temple for Balasivan in North India. However, it is believed that due to the attacks of the Muslim invaders, the temple was completely destroyed. Lord Shiva is the giver of boons and the fulfiller of our wishes. He can be worshipped in any form, like Lingam, Nataraja, and as Balasivan. Hence, let us sincerely worship Lord Balasivan and be blessed.


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