Bade Swamy of Villupuram

Sri Bade Swamy (19th century) was born and brought up in a village in Villupuram District. Though by birth, he was a Muslim, he was a great saint and was against caste, creed and religion. He removed the sufferings of the people belonged to different religions. He has performed many miracles in the life of his devotees.

Similar to Shirdi SaiBaba, he used to give holy sacred ash to his devotees, and those who consume it with water, would immediately get relieved from their health related problems and would become healthier. He also embraces the devotees with his golden hands, and used to gently rub their body, in order to remove their sins and body related pains.

Once he was bitten by a snake, but he didn’t get affected from the snake poison, and also didn’t get angry with the snake, and gave SALVATION to the snake by gently touching it. He was such a great saint and we cannot find such a kind-hearted person in this today’s world. His favourite god was Lord Vinayaka. He used to visit Vinayaka temple nearby his place, and regularly worships him.

He attained Jeeva Samadhi in the year 1868 in his native village in Villupuram District, and still now lot of devotees are visiting his holy Samadhi shrine and getting relieved from their various problems. While visiting his shrine, people used to offer food to the poor people, in order to get Sri Bade Swamy’s blessings and to gain more prosperity in their life.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.

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