Ayyappa Temple in Kampala, Uganda

Have you ever heard about the Ayyappa Temple in Kampala, Uganda? I think the answer would be a big NO.. But it’s true that Lord Ayyappa has a temple in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Uganda is an East African country. The temple was set up by a group of South Indians over ten years ago.

IBN Live reports:

The structure, which is currently one that can be shifted from place to place, is kept in the devotees’ houses during different times of the year due to lack of permanent land to establish the temple. But during the festival season, the temple is housed in the auditorium of a local school and the priest is flown in from the country to conduct special poojas during the season.

“The temple was set up by three people, including me, and two other NRIs, Janardhanan and Satheesh who are currently back in the country. The association has many members from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. In 2009, we formally registered ourselves under the name ‘Kampala Ayyappa Seva Sangam’ with the government as an NGO. The rituals are now attended by over 500 people. Our immediate aim is to find a permanent home for our temple. Hopefully, with contributions from devotees and cooperation from locals, we will be able to do this soon. When the temple is made a permanent one, we will also look to hire a full-time priest,” said association secretary Sasi Kumar V.

For the first eight years of its existence, rituals at the temple had been carried out by priests from a temple in Nairobi.

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