Avidh Navami Vrat, Gauri Puja on Adukh Navami

Avidh Navami Puja, Avidh-va-Navami, Adukh Navami, Aveha Navmi, is observed on the ninth day during the Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapad month. In 2015, Avidh Navami, Adukh Navami date is September 22.

On Avidha Navami day, married women worship Goddess Gauri and observe Gauri Vrat. They keep fasting during Gauri Puja and the fast is broken after performing the puja or in the evening.

On Avidha Navami or Adukh Navami day, men who have lost their wives offer dry food and other offerings to a Brahmin and feed a married woman. In Maharashtra, on Bhadrapad Navami day, Jyeshta Gauri Visarjan is performed.

Bhadrapad Navami is also observed as Nanda Navami in some places of India.

In 2014, Avidh Navami, Adukh Navami date was September 3.

In 2013, Avidh Navami, Adukh Navami date was 14 September.

Avidh Navami 2012 or Adukh Navami 2012 date was 24 September.

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