Auspicious Time for Pithru Tharpana Shraddha rituals

What is the Auspicious Time for Pithru Tharpana Shraddha rituals? Morning, afternoon or evening.. which is the best muhurat or time for Pitru Tharpan rituals?

On Shraddh tithi, the time period which is very much satisfactory for pitru devatas is ‘Kuthapa Vela’. This is the eighth muhurtham in a day.

Generally, Kuthapa vela falls between 11.36 AM and 12.24 hrs noon. This is the highly auspicious time for Shraddha rituals.

Purvahna (before noon) is auspicious time for Anvashtaka Shraddha (Shraddha rituals to mother – Mathru Shraddha).

Aparahna (afternoon) is auspicious time for Pitru Shraddha (Shraddha rituals to fathers).

Madhyahna (noon) is auspicious time for Ekoddhishta Shraddha.

Pratah Kala is auspicious time for Abhyudhayaka Shraddha (Vriddhi Shraddha).

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