Attakalam: A combat game during Onam

On the occasion of Onam festivital, Attakalam is the major second combat game played with lot of enthusiams. It is to be noted that ‘Kayyankali’ is the major first combat game. Among these two combat games, Attakalam is very less aggressive and dangerous. Kayyankali is played singly and Attakalam is played in batches.

It is to be remebered that Attakalam requires a lot of practice, dexterity and strength. Players wholeheartedly indulge in fight and interestingly dodge each other as they involve in much offensive and more defensive in several rounds of the combat fight.

The preparations for the Combat is very simple. In batches, Attakalam is played with lot interest. The game of Attakkalam is much thrilling if both the teams have equal strength. By perfectly drawing a right large circle on a plain sand floor the battleground for Attakalam is prepared . It is to be noted that one team perfectly stands inside this circle. On the other hand, the other team takes there place outside it.

Attakkalam is a struggle for victory game. This game requires the team standing rightly outside the circle making effort in order to pull the players of inside team out of the circle. It is to be noted that a player for the outside team suddenly moves inside the circle in order to look for his prey of the other team. This rushing inside player is just supposed to directly touch the body of any inside player. It is to be remembered that this task is very risky because the inside team will make their best efforts to directly or indirectly stop him from doing so. They do bully the challenging player. In some situation leads to beat him.

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