Astrological Benefits of Emerald, Blue Sapphire & Ruby

Emerald image

Emerald image

Gemstones or crystals hold special value. Worn with intentions to attract their astrological benefits, these gemstones can transform one’s life with great intensity. Today, we will discuss the benefits of the names of the most popular gemstones emerald, ruby, and blue sapphire. These are extremely popular stones across the world. And yet people know the limited benefits of these stones. Today, let us explore the many positive experiences these precious gemstones can offer to the wearer.

Benefits of Emerald or Panna stone

Emerald is a beautiful green-colored crystal that represents luck and abundance. Astrologers widely suggest wearing emerald jewelry in order to strengthen one’s Mercury. The stone allows the wear to gain clarity in thoughts and quick thinking. It also allows the person to exercise some control over anxious thought patterns. Wearing Emeraldcan strengthen the planet Mercury, and if it is already strong Panna can further help with mental balance, intellectual capacity, and reasoning ability.

Further, there can be more benefits beyond the mental strength that Panna provides. If you wish to improve your communication skills, then wearing Emerald stone can help you immensely. The gemstone blesses the person with great speech delivery. It is highly beneficial for people in the field of teaching, law, marketing, sales, communication specialists, and any field that involves a meticulous use of communication skills.

Another unknown fact about Emerald stone is that it enables a person to discover its hidden talent. If you find it hard to express your talent, or to truly know what drives you then wearing Emerald will help you address this issue. You can become extremely confident about your talent and also express the same to people around you. Since emerald improves one’s social skills, it can also help you build a great network to promote your talent.

Overall, wearing Emerald gemstone jewelry enhances one’s personality, improves the quality of thoughts, and boosts confidence. It is a naturally auspicious gemstone for Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius zodiac signs.

Benefits of Ruby or Manik stone

Ruby gemstone is related to Sun planet and hence it is an important stone. Sun planet defines many important things in one’s life. The energy levels, concentration levels, ability to deal with challenges or health issues, and many other aspects. Planet sun is also related to self-confidence, truth, success, name, and fame. Wearing Ruby allows the person to experience a positive change in one’s career, self-esteem, and health improvement.

Ruby stones are beautiful red-colored gemstones and anyone can fall in love with their charm. Given the color, Ruby is also a popular stone for wedding or engagement rings. Hence, it is also called a love gemstone. Ruby gemstone allows the wearer to not just improve love relations but also other relationships. Since the stone is associated with Sun, it can also help the wearer to enjoy a very good relationship with his/her father.

Ruby gemstone jewelry is extremely popular across cultures. Many centuries ago, royal families also wore clothes studded with ruby stones. Due to this reason, the stone is still associated with royalty and luxury.

The stone’s healing properties also allow the wearer to experience good health. It improves blood circulation and also deals with issues of eyesight.

This gemstone is naturally auspicious for fire signs such as Leos, Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius. It is a birthstone for people born under the Leo sun sign.

Benefits of Blue Sapphire or Neelam stone

Blue Sapphire or Neelam stone is a widely popular gemstone, but it should be worn after consulting a good astrologer only. If it is beneficial for you, Neelam stone can expose you to the best life experiences such as great financial abundance via multiple sources, success, fame, ability to make the right decisions, respect, and much more. However, if this stone does not suit you, it can expose you to the worst side of life including poverty and bad health.

The wearer of this gemstone are blessed with a visible rise in financial prosperity. The stone gives such luck to the wearer that it favors him/her in every situation.

Interestingly, the effects of Blue Sapphire gemstone are seen quickly because it is a very fast-acting stone. After wearing it one can quickly experience an upward growth in finances unexpectedly and many positive changes replace the ordinary things in life. The wearer of Neelam gemstone jewelry also experiences a boost in energy levels.

Further, the blue sapphire gemstone also protects from negativity. It helps the wearer to deal with negative thoughts or situations effectively. It attracts positive outcomes in life.

One must only wear blue sapphire stone post consulting an experienced astrologer.

Buying gemstones online

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