Ashadhi Beej (Predicting Pre-Monsoon)

Similar to kites in the winter to predict the weather, during the pre-monsoon, there is a small festival celebrated to predict the monsoon.

On Ashadhi Beej, the Jyotish or farmers check the moisture in the atmosphere for predicting the crop. Varanasi Kashi Vishwanath Temple and Mahadev Temple in Umreth of Gujarat are the two popular temples where the pre-monsoon predictions would happen and the suitable crop which would do rest in coming.

Sample seeds are planted and kept in an earthern pot at the sanctorum of the temple. Just before keeping it at its place, weight is measured. Next morning, weight is measured again.

Percentage gain in weight is an indication of good crop of that seed.

If there is a loss in weight, crop of that seed is likely to be bad.

What makes the seed gain the weight is moisture in the atmosphere. If there is good amount of moisture, then the seed would gain more weight. And it indicates that the coming season would a good one.

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