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Arjitha Sevas at Vemulawada Temple

The list of Arjitha Sevas at Vemulawada Temple is given here. Kode Mokkubadi, Anna Puja, Abhiseka Puja, Sri Swamy Varla Kalyanam, Kumkuma Puja, Pallaki Seva & Pedda Seva, Maha Puja, Aakula Puja, etc are the main Arjitha Sevas at the temple…

i] Kode Mrokkubadi [worship of Bull – Nandeeshwara] Rs. 50/-

A unique worship and found only in this temple throughout length and breadth of the country and takes precedence over other rituals / Pujas. Devotees offer Kode Mrokkubadi to Lord Raja Rajeshwara for progeny and well being of their family.

ii] Maha Lingarchana – Rs. 750/-

Worship of Lord Eashwara in the form of 366 No. of Mruthika Linga [prepared with clay] is also a unique one. Devotees perform Maha Lingarchana duly observing fast, which amounts worshipping of Lord Siva throughout the year.

iii] Anna Puja – Rs.100/- & Rs.600/- –

Worshipping Lord Raja Rajeshwara with boiled rice is also a unique one. Devotees perform Anna Puja to the Lord Sri Raja Rajeshwara with a belief that the Lord Sri Raja Rajeshwara makes them wealthy and keeps them far away from deprivation of food.

Other important Sevas:

1] Abhiseka Puja – Rs.100/- & Rs.600/-

2] Sri Swamy Varla Kalyanam – Rs.750/-

3] Kumkuma Puja – Rs.150/-

4] Pallaki Seva & Pedda Seva – Rs.100/- & Rs.250/- respectively

5] Maha Puja – Rs.100/-

6] Aakula Puja – Rs.600/-

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