Arjitha Puja at Kotappakonda Temple

Kotappakonda Temple (Lord Shiva Temple – Trokoteshwara Swamy Temple) is one of the popular Shaivite Temples in Andhra Pradesh as well as in South India. Kotappakonda, the temporal abode of Trikoteswara Swamy, is a village, 13 kilometers south-west of Narsaraopet in Guntur district. Its original name is Kondakavuru, but is more popularly known as Kotappakonda or Trikutaparvatam, a three-peaked hill nearby.

Though surrounded by other hills, the three hills, also known by the names of Trikutachalam or Trikutadri, can be distinctly seen from a distance from any direction. The three peaks are named after the Hindu Triumverate, Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara.

Here are the details of Arjitha Puja in Kotappakonda Temple (Not sure about the cost / price of the puja or the seva)..

Abhishekam – 30 Rs.

Ashtottaram – 15 Rs.

Archana – 5 Rs.

Vahana Puja (4 wheeler) – 30 Rs

Vahana Puja (2 wheeler) – 10 Rs

Darshanam – 1 Rs.

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