Annamacharya Keerthanalu

Annamacharya Annamayya

Annamacharya Annamayya

TallapakaAnnamacharya was a 15th-century Saint and a great devotee of Lord Venkateswara,and he has composed and sung several thousands of songs on him. Annamacharya is still remembered for his nice bhakti Keertanas on Lord Venkateswara.
He is considered to be an incarnation of Nandaka, the holy sword of Vishnu, and he is considered to be the grandfather of Carnatic Music.

Annamacharya,though he was born in the ShaiviteBrahmin community,but he has embraced Vaishnavism sect, due to his utmost devotion on Lord Venkateswara. His wife and his son and grandson were also poets and they have written wonderful songs on Lord Venkateswara. His marvelous songs can be heard in the homes of the devotees of Lord Venkateswara, and a film was also produced mentioning about his life history, and it received good recognition from the audiences.

Some of the contents contained in his Bhakti Keertanas are as follows:-

Oh My Dear Shining Moon, Please come immediately and bring curd and buttermilk in order to give it to our beloved Child Krishna.

Oh The Lotus eyed God Krishna, please come and drink your most liked butter milk to quench your thirst.

Oh My Lord, though you look like a small child, but you have killed the dreaded demons like Kamsa and restored peace in Mathura. Your divine beauty cannot be expressed in words even by your lovely consort Ma Rukmini.

Oh Lord Krishna you contain thousands of names, and you are the most favourite person among the Gopikas for your wonderful divine smile and through your divine touch, you have been fully filled up in their souls.

Oh My beautiful Krishna, when you were as a child and lying in the cradle, young women took care of you properly as their own son, and through your pleasing smile, you have attracted them, and you have stolen their hearts.

Oh my Dear Krishna, please forgave my mistakes by considering me as your devotee, and please show me the way of attaining salvation.

Oh my beloved Lord Venkateswara, there are no words to describe your beauty as well as your consort Ma Padmavathy’s beauty. Both of you are wearing beautiful ornaments and golden dresses have been nicely worn by you and your consort adds more beauty to both of you.

Oh my Lord Krishna, similar to stealing the dresses of your devotees during the previous yuga, please steal my heart, since you have been fully occupied in that place.

Oh my Dear Krishna, you have lifted the Govardhan Hill through your single finger, I was wondering how you have got that much powers?

Oh My Dear Krishna, similar to playing in the homes of the cowherds please play in my home also, and I am eagerly inviting you to my home, and I want to gift some nice things to you.


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