Angarika Chaturthi Vrat Vidhi | Procedure of Angaraki Chaturthi Pujan

Angarika Chaturthi fast is a highly meritorious vrata dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Devotees keep fasting on this day. They start fast from the sunrise. In the evening after seeing the moon, devotees worship lord Ganesha and break the fast.

In the evening of Angarika Chaturthi day people perform ritual bath and worship Lord Ganesha. During Angarika Sankashti Vrat, devotees offer 21 dhurvas (grass blades), Aarti and special Naivedya. After the moon sight, they offer naivedya to the moon god, feed the poor or Brahmin and break the fast. It is to be known that by performing Angarika chaturthi Vrat one can get the result of all the chaturthi fasts performed in a year.

On the day of Angarika Chaturthi, devotees visit temples. Perform special pujas and Abhishekam. Chanting ‘Arthava Sheersha’ and ‘Ganesha Ashtottam’ is considered auspicious on this pujan.

At the end of the Pujan, devotees read Angarika Chaturthi Vrat Katha and the significance of the Vrat..

Detailed procedure of Angarika Chaturthi Vrat with Mantras, Stotrams, etc.. will be updated soon..

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