Ancient Tamil Culture

Ancient Tamil culture is considered as the breath of the ancient Tamil people, since Tamil was occupied as a part and parcel in their life. Most of the ancient people were expert in Tamil language, literature, music, dance, theatre, folk arts, martial arts, painting and sculpture etc. They spent their time by engaging themselves in ancient arts, and by doing that, they were highly satisfied in their life.

Tamil people were very much attached and attracted with Tamil Language, and they have considered Tamil as their own mother, and showed great respect on it. They also loved Tamil god, Lord Muruga, and used to worship him in the temples.Ancient Tamil work Tolkappiyam, tells about the importance of Tamil people. In that, it was mentioned that, most of the Tamil people contain boldness, and they never afraid of anything in their life, and with regard to showing their love, they would dedicatedly welcome the guests to their homes, consider themselves as their relatives, and would provide tasty and sumptuous meals for them. Whereas in case of showing their anger with their enemies, they would even take up their lives, if they cause frequent troubles to them.

Apart from Lord Murugan, they also worshipped Ayyanar, Karupannasamy and Kathavarayan as their beloved gods. Some village people used to worship Lord Surya, Chandra and Indra and would pay their great respects to them. Lord Brahma was also popularly worshipped by the people at their homes, but due to the increase in the popularity of the other gods and goddesses, like Vishnu, Shiva, Vinayaka and Durga, most of the people didn’t concentrate their attention much on Brahma, Indra and Surya, and they would worship them only occasionally.

Religious conversion was not there in ancient periods. People would even offer their lives for the sake of their beloved gods, and no one was interested in converting themselves in other religions. But during the British rule, most of the people were forcibly converted into Christians, and thereafter gradually, large number of people began to convert into Christianity.

Among the celebration of various festivals, ancient Tamil people celebrated Pongal Festival and Tamil New year in a grand manner. They also celebrated Panguni Uttiram, Thaipusam, Ayudha Puja and Deepavali in a nice manner.

Marvadisand Hindi people used to celebrate Holi in a grand manner, in order to show their great respects to Bhakta Prahaladar, who killed the demoness Holika. Sindhis used to worship their beloved guru and god, Sri Jhulelal Maharaj, a great saint and an incarnation of Lord Varuna Bhagavan.

Tamil people during their free time used to practice martial arts like Silambattam, Karakkatam, Bommalattam and also would spend their time in practicing and performance dances like Bharatanatyam and would perform Jallikattu in the villages. Most of the people’s occupation was agriculture. They have breathed fresh air, and there was no pollution at that time. Most of the people were broad minded, and they would provide food and give shelter in their homes for several days even to the strangers and travellers, since their heart was very pure and pious.

Music, Dance and Drama constitutes a major role in the life of the artisans. People who choose their occupation by singing, dancing and conducting drama are called as Artists. Dance, Drama and Music Artists are the backbones of the ancient arts. With their dedication and involvement only, still the ancient form of fine arts is still growing day by day.

As per legend, Lord Nataraja, a form of Lord Shiva, is considered as the god of the dancers. Through his cosmic dance, all the living beings are living their life happily, and everyone is able to discharge their functions properly. The celestial musicians like Tumburu and Chitrangada also called as Gandharvas, are considered as the Guru for the musicians, since they are the ancient musicians who lives in the Gandharva Loka, and the divine apsaras who lives in the Indra Loka like Ramba, Urvasi and Menaka are considered as the holy divine mothers for all the dancers.

Dance, Music and Drama boosts the energy levels of the performers, and by listening to that, the audiences are also able to get refreshment at least for some time. They can forget their day to day worries in their life, and can concentrate their attention on listening to the performances of the artists.

The great 19th century saint and Sri Rama devotee Sri Thyagaraja, is considered as the great genius among the Carnatic musicians. Due to his sincere bhakti, Lord Rama gave his divine darshan and blessed him. Still in Thiruvaiyaru, music festival is held during the months of January – February in order to honour the great saint for his dedication and sincerity in the music field.

Similarly the 16th century saints like Sri Purandaradasa and Kanakadasa sang lot of bhakti songs on Lord Vishnu, and they spread the “VISHNU BHAKTI”, amongst the people through their sweet songs.

Stage artists like R.S.Manohar were wonderfully contributed their performances in the Drama Stage. Mr. Manohar used to bring real elephants in his Drama show, and he is used to give realistic stage shows. His “LANGESHWARAN”, a stage drama ran for more than 100 days, and still now, some middle aged people used to talk about his talents in the cinema and the drama field.

Modern singers and divine discoursers like Smt. Sudha Raghunathan, Smt. Vidhya Subramaniam, Dushyanth Sridhar, Swamy Parthasarathy, Sunanda Parthasarathy and Selvi. Boomija Ramaiyer are performing very well in their respective fields.

Let us appreciate the efforts and the sincere performances of all the Music, Dance and Drama artists, and let us worship the great almighty on this Deepavali festival day (14 November 2020), to give a happy, prosperous and a blessed life for them.

Tour operators are those people who would make proper arrangement to the travellers, for a family vacation to the sight-seeing places, or to the Holy temples, at an affordable cost. During the travel, most of the Tour operators would provide free food at their own cost, and also would arrange for lodging facility. But the cost of train/bus/air tickets, boarding and lodging would be included in the Tour package itself. Instead of going to different places at their own risk, most of the people are approaching the tour operators for a comfortable trip.

Nowadays lot of small and big travel agencies are there. Some travel agencies are even picking up from our doorstep and after the completion of the travel they are also dropping us at our home. In case of the Holy Tirumala, the abode of Lord Venkateswara, most of the travel agencies are picking and dropping us in our home.

In ancient times, people used to visit the holy temples by way of walk. They would travel several kilometres to reach Kasi, Dwaraka, Kedarnath and Badrinath. Some people would even die during their travels, due to tiredness. In ancient times, most of the kings have constructed rest houses and free food centres for travellers, and due to that, the travellers were able to get relieved from their hunger and thirst, and they were able to visit lot of holy places during their life time. But now such kind of problem is not there. Due to the modern technology, lot of transportation facilities are there. We can go to different places by road, rail and air. So visiting the holy places is not a difficult task at the present situation. But we should properly plan our trip in order to make it comfortable, and peaceful.

For visiting the Holy Badrinath and Kedarnath also, some travel agencies are there. By searching in the Google, we would be able to get the required details of the Travel agencies. Most of the travel agencies, during the journey, would be playing divine songs from the YouTube Channel, in order to provide entertainment to the travellers. Some travel agencies would be playing the songs and discourses of the great singers and Upanyasakas like Veeramani Dasan, Balamurali Krishna, Vishaka Hari and Boomija etc.

In the lives of most of the people, problems are common. If we are unable to face our problems, we cannot commit suicides, since it is considered as a sinful act, and by doing that, we would not get any solution. Hence if we have sufficient bank balance in our bank accounts, let us make the habit of visiting the holy temples at least once in a year, with our family and friends, by choosing a good tour operator, and let us visit as much temples as possible in our life time.

Mrs.R.Jayanthi is doing divine music concerts in the Devasthanam temples as well as in other temples of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu for the past 30 years. She also performed music concerts in marriage receptions, Tourism Development programme at Kanyakumari, conferences, clubs, college functions, Tamil IsaiSangam, and in Sadguru Sangeetha Samajam, Madurai.

She is an expert in Carnatic Music, and used to sing Bhakti songs, Classical songs, Bharatiyar and Bharatidasan songs and also she used to sing Light Music songs from Tamil feature films. She is fluent in Tamil and she would conduct the music programme according to the interest and tastes of the viewers, and due to that she was highly appreciated by them.
In recognition to her talents in Music field, the Madurai Tamil Sangam had awarded her a Certificate and also granted her gold coins tied in a piece of cloth, which is called as ‘PORKIZHI’ in Tamil. ‘PORKIZHI’ was awarded to the ancient poets by the kings, in appreciation of their expertise in penning bhakti poems. Similar to the great poets, Mrs. Jayanthi was also given the high recognition, due to her dedication and bhakti on the almighty.

She has studied upper level in Music field, and now she is singing Bhakti songs in Madurai Radio Station. She is also an expert in writing devotional songs on the almighty. She used to sing songs on Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Hindi and Abang. Her shows are telecasted in Pothigai, Raj TV, Vijay TV, SunTV and also in other Private Television Channels. Mrs.Jayanthi is performing music concerts along with her daughter Selvi. Boomija Ramaiyer and with her sister and brother. Due to that, her Music Group is fondly called by the music lovers as “AFFECTIONATE FAMILY MEMBERS MUSIC GROUP”, and in addition to that, the Tamil daily newspaper Dinamalar also published about the details of Mrs.Jayanthi’s Music Group, and well appreciated her talents.

The details about the Music group members are:
Vocal :Mrs.R.Jayanthi&Selvi.R.Boomija
Violin: Mrs.R.Chandra – Sister of R.Jayanthi
Mirudangam: Mr.R.Ramesh – Brother of R.Jayanthi

She is conducting Vocal Music and Sloka classes at her home in Madurai. Mrs.Jayanthi can be contacted in her Mobile No.9486116043.

Let us appreciate the sincere efforts of Mrs.Jayanthi with regard to her dedication in the field of Music, and let us pray to the almighty to give a healthy, wealthy and a long life to her, and to her family members.

A tradition is a custom or belief that has continued from the past to the present. It is the belief followed by our ancient people, and it is continued by the society or by a particular group of people, by following the significance of the past. Traditions are practiced for several thousands of years, in order to make the future generations to follow it.

For example, presently we are celebrating certain kinds of festivals like Vinayaka Chaturthi, Vijaya Dasami and Krishna Jayanti in a grand manner and we are doing this, since it is traditionally celebrated by the people of India in ancient periods.

Onam festival is celebrated by the Malayali people for several thousands of years. According to our ancient legend, as per the request of the great King Mahabali, Lord Vamana had allowed him to visit his own kingdom of Kerala, during Onam festival day, and this incident was happened at the beginning of Treta Yuga, before several millions of years.

Deepavali festival also is a traditional and an ancient festival which is celebrated for a few thousands of years. Thai Pongal, also called as Makara Sankranti is an ancient festival of harvest, and also Lord Sun God would be worshipped during this day. This is a traditional festival, which would be eagerly celebrated by the city and by the village people in India.

As per legend, the great Bhakta Prahlada had killed his aunt Holika, and the day in which he killed holika is traditionally celebrated as Holi festival, mostly by the North Indian people. This incident was happened before several millions of years.

During festival times like Deepavali, we can find a name board in sweet shops, which carries the message, “TRADITIONAL SWEETS”. It means the taste of the sweets would be of similar to the sweets prepared in the ancient periods. Likewise, most of the textile shops would display in their advertisements, as ‘Traditional Silk Saris’, and some shops would mention in their name boards, as ‘Traditional Kancheepuram Silk Saris’.

Kathakali Dance is an ancient form of art, and it is a very popular form of dance in Kerala. During the times of festivals in Kerala, a person would be dressed in a different type of custom, and would cheerfully dance in the streets and in the temples.

Hence let us follow our age old traditions, let us worship Bhagavan Krishna, and be blessed.


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