Ancient Royal Palaces

In ancient periods, palaces of the kings and princes would be very rich in its appearance, and it would be built by them with much care and interest. The palaces would be engraved with golden pillars, and it gives a good outlook for the visitors. Among the royal palaces, the palace of Lord Krishna was built by the divine architect Lord Vishwakarma in a fantastic manner, and it can be compared similar to Lord Indra’s Indra Loka, and Lord Kubera’s Alakapuri. Lord Rama’s palace is Ayodhya was built by the architects using gold and silver. These palaces are very rich in terms of its art and architecture.

The great Bhakta Prahlada and Dhruva’s palaces are also built after much painstaking efforts by the architects, and due to that, these pious kings have highly awarded them. The palaces of the Pandavas in Hastinapur were also built in a remarkable manner. But all these palaces were submerged in the ocean, during the time of deluge, and after the completion of the Yugas.

Some 15th and 16th century emperors had lived their life by adopting a luxurious life style, and their palaces were decorated with costly gems, and they have enjoyed their each and every moment of their life comfortably. Some of the kings were tortured other rulers, and conquered their kingdom, and they were also addicted to physical pleasures, and they spend most of their time in enjoying worldly pleasures.

But in case of divine avatars, they are ready to live even in the palaces as well in the forests. The great Vishnu Avatar, Lord Rama had lived in his royal palace, and also for some years, he lived in the forest. Similarly Lord Krishna also stayed with the Pandavas in the forest for many days, and at that time, he used to sleep only in the floor, and had fruits and nuts as food items for him. According to the divine avatars, they would treat happiness and difficulties as alike. They would adjust their lives as per their fate, and would contain a smiling face, and they would never unnecessarily cause harm to others.

Whatever may be, happiness or sorrows, one day it would come to an end. A person lives in a hut also would die, and a person lives in a palace also would die, since no one would live permanently in this world.

Ancient kings even though they have enjoyed their life very happily, but nothing belongs to them after their death. Their palaces, costly dresses and necklaces nothing was available with them during the time of their death.

Hence let us make the regular habit of worshipping the divine avatars Lord Rama and Krishna, throughout in our life, and be blessed.


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