Mata Anasuya Namavali | 108 Names of Sati Anasuya

Mata Anusuya was the wife of the Rishi Atri, and she was considered as a holy woman with regard to chasteness, and she is also believed to be an aspect of Ma Shakti Devi. She was mentioned in ancient puranas and her importance was praised in the earth and in the heaven. She was a dutiful wife, and done her service to her husband in a pleasing manner. She will used to take her food only after her husband finishes his food. Due to her pati bhakti, she has got great supreme powers.

Once she was tested by the Trimurti, she changed them into small babies, and offered milk to them. She is such a chaste, pious and a good natured woman, who also once welcomed Lord Rama and Ma Sita to her Ashram along with his husband Rishi Atri, and provided fruits and greens to them, and also offered some wonderful garments to Ma Sita, and she also wore it on her beautiful neck.

Ma Anusuya has got the powers to convert the sand into rice, due to her chastity. She is declared as the precious GEM, among the Rishi Patnis, and she is also the worshipful mother of Lord Dattatreya, an aspect of the Trimurti.

Let us chant the wonderful 108 names of Ma Anusuya Devi, and let us be blessed.

1. Om AtriPatni Namaha
2. Om Shakti Devi Amsaya Namaha
3. Om Datta Mata Namaha
4. Om Karpukarasiye Namaha
5. Om Mahatapasviye Namaha
6. Om SoundaryaRoopaya Namaha
7. Om Soundariye Namaha
8. Om IsvaryaDeviye Namaha
9. Om DoshaNivaraniye Namaha
10. Om Mahapunyasaliye Namaha
11. Om Yoginyai namaha
12. Om Vijayayai namaha
13. Om Shantyai namaha
14. Om Amrutyainamaha
15. Om Sarvayanamaha
16. Om Bhagavatyainamaha
17. Om Rudrasvaroopinyainamaha
18. Om VaanyaiNamaha
19. Om SarvaVidyadhiDevataayaiNamaha
20. Om ParvatiniyeNamaha
21. Om DevamatreNamaha
22. Om VaneeShayaiNamaha
23. Om VindyaVasinyaiNamaha
24. Om TejoVatyaiNamaha
25. Om MahaMatreNamaha
26. Om Koti Surya SamaPrabhayaiNamah
27. Om Deva TayaiNamaha
28. Om VahniRupayaiNamaha
29. Om Sate JaseNamaha
30. Om Varna RupinyaiNamaha
31. Om GunaShayayaiNamaha
32. Om GunaMadhyayaiNamaha
33. Om GunaTrayaVivarjiTayaiNamaha
34. Om Karma GynanaPradayaiNamaha
35. Om KantayaiNamaha
36. Om SarvaSamharaKarinyaiNamaha
37. Om Dharma GynanayaiNamaha
38. Om Dharma NistayaiNamaha
39. Om Sarva Karma VivardhiTayaiNamaha
40. Om KamakshmaiNamaha
41. Om Kama SamhartyaiNamah
42. Om Kama KrodhaVivarjiTayaiNamaha
43. Om Shan KaryaiNamaha
44. Om Sham BhavyaiNamaha
45. Om Shan TayaiNamaha
46. Om Chandra SuryagniyaiNamaha
47. Om SujaYayaiNamaha
48. Om Jaya BhumiShtayaiNamaha
49. Om JaahnavyaiNamaha
50. Om Jana PujiTayaiNamaha
51. Om ShastrasyaiNamaha
52. Om ShastraMayyaiNamaha
53. Om NityayaiNamah
54. Om ShubhayaiNamaha
55. Om ChandhrardhaMastakayaiNamah
56. Om BharatyaiNamaha
57. Om BramaryaiNamaha
58. Om KalpayaiNamaha
59. Om KaralyaiNamaha
60. Om KrushanaPingalayaiNamaha
61. Om BramhaiNamaha
62. Om NarayanyaiNamaha
63. Om RoudryaiNamaha
64. Om Chandra MrutaPariSrutayaiNamaha
65. Om JyeshtayaiNamaha
66. Om IndirayaiNamaha
67. Om MahaMayayaiNamaha
68. Om JagatGrushtyaDhikaRinyaiNamaha
69. Om BramhandaKotiNayaiNamaha
70. Om KaminyaiNamaha
71. Om KamalaaLayayaiNamaha
72. Om Katya YanyaiNamaha
73. Om KalaaTeetayaiNamaha
74. Om Kala SamharaKarinyaiNamaha
75. Om Yoga NishtayaiNamaha
76. Om Yogi GamyayaiNamaha
77. Om Yogi DyeyayaiNamaha
78. Om Tapa SvinyaiNamaha
79. Om GynanaPupayaiNamaha
80. Om NirakaRayaiNamaha
81. Om BhaktaBhishtaPradayaiNamaha
82. Om BhutatmeKayaiNamaha
83. Om BhutaMatreNamaha
84. Om BhuteShyaiNamaha
85. Om BhutaDarinyaiNamaha
86. Om SvadhayaiNamaha
87. OmNaree Madhya GatayaiNamaha
88. Om ShadaDharadiVardhinyaiNamaha
89. Om MohitamShubhaDayaiNamaha
90. Om ShubhrayaiNamaha
91. Om SukshmayaiNamaha
92. Om MatrayaiNamaha
93. Om NiralaSayaiNamaha
94. Om NimnaGayaiNamaha
95. Om NeelaSamkaShayaiNamaha
96. Om NityaNandayaiNamaha
97. Om HarayaiNamaha
98. Om ParaayaiNamaha
99. Om SarvaGynanaPradayaiNamaha
100. Om AnamtayaiNamaha
101. Om SatyayaiNamaha
102. Om DurlabhaRupinyaiNamaha
103. Om SarasvatyaiNamaha
104. Om SarvaGatayaiNamaha
105. Om SarvaBheeshta Prada InyaiNamaha
106. Om Deva YonayeNamaha
107. Om AyoniJaayaiNamaha
108. Om BhoomijyaiNamaha


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