Amrutanubhav | Compilation of Sant Dnyaneshwar’s Spiritual Experiences

Amrutanubhav is the holy work of Sant Dnyanesvar, which was written during the 13th century AD. It is considered to be one of the master pieces in the ancient Marathi literature.

Amrutanubhav contains the details about the spiritual experiences of Sant Jnaneswar, which he has obtained it through sincere meditation on Lord Vishnu.

Based on the advice given by his guru Sri Nivruttinath, Jnanesvar had shared his divine experiences in this sacred work. This work attained good name, next to his work Jnanesvari, and this is considered as the last work of Sant Jnaneshwar.

Some of the teachings given by Sant Jnaneshwar in the holy book Amrutanubhav are as follows:-

1. Chanting of Lord Vishnu’s names is like drinking the divine nectar from the heaven.

2. We can find Lord Vishnu in the souls of his true devotees.

3. Those who concentrate his attention on the god would definitely attain salvation.

4. Spirituality cannot be attained within a short time. We can enjoy the sweetness of spirituality only after performing sincere meditation on him.

5. Our mind is like a monkey, it would get easily diverted. In order to get proper concentration power, we should do yoga practice regularly.

6. Happiness and Unhappiness lies in our hands only. If we think that we are happy, then we would be the happiest person in the world.

7. By listening to spiritual discourses and by reading good spiritual books, we would get spiritual enlightenment in our life.

8. The joy of attaining spiritual bliss can be achieved only from a proper spiritual guru.

9. Involving ourselves in the thoughts of god alone would help us to reach the gateway of heaven.

10. God has given organs to us, in order to see him in the temples, listen to his songs, chanting his mantras, walking to his temples, bowing our hands before him, and our each and every breath must chant his glories, and we must sanctify him throughout our life.

11. Prayer alone acts as the best medicine for our physical and mental diseases.

12. Complete surrender on the god is the only way to attain his grace.

13. By following our guru’s advice, we can easily walk up in the spiritual ladder.

14. In order to escape from the chain of birth cycles, we have to do lot of good karmic deeds in our life.


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