Alcohol is the main reason behind the Delhi gang r.a.p.e, Says Sri Sri Ravishankar

You just said that alcohol is the main reason behind the Delhi gang r.a.p.e case. But today, there have been cases of young girls being r.a.p.e.d by their own fathers. In those cases, it is not just alcohol. What is the bigger problem?

Correct, it is not alcohol which is the main reason behind this case.

Sex offenders have primarily three issue. One is hormone issues, where there could be some serious hormonal imbalances in them.
Second is emotional disturbances. The person must be a victim of some sort, within themselves. Third is, total deterioration of human values.

So, these three things together can make a person do such criminal acts which they themselves would regret. It is not that they would feel very happy that they have achieved something great. They are doing such a bad thing to a small child.

They are compelled because of their sick mind, imbalanced emotions and hormones. So these kind of people need treatment. They definitely need counselling, and society needs to provide them with this kind of counselling without any stigma.

Do you know, this is not just in rural places, in fact, it is more in all the advanced countries. In world over, this problem of child molestation is prevalent. So many such cases are there. Father molesting his own daughter, we have heard of something like this in India only recently, but this has been happening in America for so many years. And it has gone to an extent with all these television shows, that sometimes, children start doubting, ‘Oh, maybe my father did like this to me.’

I want to share one such case with you. An elderly couple came to me. Their daughter who at time was already 38 years of age, suddenly thought, after watching all these talk shows, that she is a victim. That her father did this to her when she was a child. So suddenly, after this television show, the relationship between the parents and the daughter became so bad.

The father was crying, saying, ‘How can I ever do such a crime. My daughter thinks I have done this to her.’ So, some of these television shows can make such an impact as well, that it destroys the family.

Are you understanding what I am saying? It took me quite a while to sit them all together, to counsel them, to make them meditate, and all that.
Of course, finally the family came together, they could let go of these impressions. Many times people consider themselves as victims to draw more attention. These kind of things also happen in society.

We need to put an end to crime against women and children at any cost. This can only happen when society turns more spiritual, more humane and more sensitive.

Note: The views expressed above are of Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji, Founder of Art of Living.

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