Akritavrana | Sage Shanta’s Son, Follower of Parashurama

Akritavrana was a great sage who lived in the Treta Yuga. He is considered as a friend and a close companion to Lord Parasurama. Akritavrana was a childhood friend of Lord Parasurama, and he was very affectionate to him, and stayed along with him throughout his life. Though he didn’t participated in the battles along with Parasurama, but he helped him in various tasks, such as building of Ashram, fetching of food and water etc.

He sincerely served Parasurama as his own brother, and he faithfully served him like Lakshmana, who had dedicated his entire life in serving his lovely brother Lord Rama. Similar to Parasurama, he was a bold man, and contains great knowledge, wisdom and courage. He shared his knowledge in Vedas with his disciples, and he was considered as a very holy sage.

The details about Sage Akritavrana were mentioned in Hindu Scriptures, and he has got great powers by performing meditation on Lord Shiva. When Parasurama went to the Himalayas for doing penance, he also went along with him, and he is still doing meditation on Lord Shiva. It is believed that during the next Yuga, he will become one of the Saptarishis.


1. Live like a fierce lion, and defeat your enemies through your bravery.

2. Believe that Lord Shiva dwells in your heart.

3. Perform meditation on Lord Shiva to attain great spiritual powers.

4. Develop your will power and gain more confidence, in order to run your life successfully.

5. Be a selfless person and don’t be selfish.

6. Control your mind by worshipping Lord Shiva.

7. Remove the bad habits like lust, anger, greed and fear.

8. Eat simple food after offering it to Lord Shiva.

9. Always remember that you are the master for you, and don’t worry about anything in your life.


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  1. Naveen says:

    Saptarishi do not change for every Yuga. They change every Manvantara.