Ainavilli Vigneswara

Ainavilli Vighneswara Temple

Ainavilli Vighneswara Temple

The popular Sri Ainavilli Vigneswara Swamy Temple is situated nearby Amalapuram, in Andhra Pradesh, which is also known as Mukteswaram, and hence this temple Vigneswara Swamy is also called as Sorkavilli Ganesa, Lord Ganesha Temple in the heavens! This temple is situated in the midst of the beautiful green fields on the banks of the Holy River Ma Godavari. This Temple Ganesa is also known as “SIDDI VINAYAKA”, the fulfiller of wishes, “VARA SHAKTI VINAYAKA”, the giver of boons, and as the “PARABRAHMA SWAROOPA VINAYAKA”, the ultimate Brahman, who is the wire puller of the entire universe.

Before performing the Yagna by Lord Daksha Prajapati, which is popularly known as Daksha Yagna, Lord Daksha Bhagavan was said to have been performed a puja for Lord Vinayaka in order to successfully complete the Yagna, and this incident was happened at the present place of this temple.

As per another popular legend, the great Sage Sri Veda Vyasa, the popular writer of the Puranas, had installed the idol of Lord Vinayaka at this place in order to satisfy the desires of his devotees. This temple Vinayaka contains the aspects of Ma Shakti Devi, and hence he is also known as Sri Shakti Vigneswara Swamy. There are also shrines for Sri Annnapurna Devi, Sri Kalabhairava Swamy, Ma Sri Devi, Bhudevi with their beloved consort Sri Kesava Swamy, a form of Lord Vishnu. Special Pujas are being performed during Navarathri, Sivarathri and Vinayaka Chathurti days.

Thousands of people from nearby areas as well as from faraway places used to visit this temple to worship Lord Siddi Vinayaka, who would fulfil the wishes of his devotees quickly, nicely and cheerfully. Devotees used to worship Lord Ganesha by chanting mantras, with folded hands and with their eyes closed.

Ancient kings had undertaken the task of repairing, renovating and beautifying the Temple. Few guest houses at affordable rates are available in Amalapuram, for the pilgrims to peacefully stay and relax themselves, in order to accomplish the task of watching their beloved deity Ganesha.

Lord Ainavilli Vinayaka has the beautiful Lotus feet, and his feet are decorated by golden anklets, he happily sings songs, and he is wearing the golden belt in his waist and his clothes looks very soft, pure and clean, and he looks like a freshly plucked flower, and he shines like a beautiful rainbow. If we sincerely worship Lord Vinayaka, like the great sage Sri Purusundi, and Sri Vallala, after our death, we would also reach the marvellous Ganesa Loka, which is situated amidst beautiful mountains, and Lord Vinayaka dwells there along with his beautiful consorts, Ma Siddhi and Ma Buddhi.

Sri Vigneswara Swamy Devastanam,
Ainavilli Village& Mandal,
East Godavari District.
Pin- 533211,
Phone No:08856 -225812.


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