Ahoi Ashtami, 26 October 2013

Today, 26 October 2013 is Ahoi Ashtami Vrat. This vrat is dedicated to Goddess Ahoi Mata.

Ahoi Ashtami falls on Krishna Paksha Ashtami in Kartik Month, a week prior to Diwali festival. It is mainly observed in North Indian states.

Ahoi Ashtami Vrat Katha

Once upon a time, there lived a devoted woman in a village. She had seven sons. One day in Kartik month, just before Diwali festival, she went to the forest to bring soil for the renovation and decoration of her house.

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Ahoi Mata Aarti

Jai Ahoi Mata Jai Ahoi Mata|
Tumko Nisdin Dhyavat Hari Vishnu Dhata || Jai||

Brahamni Rudrani Kamla tu he hai Jag Datta|
Surya Chandrama Dhyavat Narad Rishi Gatta || Jai||

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Ahoi Ashtami Vrat Vidhi

Ahoi Ashtami fast or Upvaas is very similar to Karva Chauth vrat. Mothers observe fast on Ahoi Ashtami day for wellbeing of their children. They wake up before the Sunrise and go to temples to offer prayers to Ahoi Mata.

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