Agnivesha Rishi | Author of Agnivesha Samhita

Agnivesha was an ancient Vedic rishi and a famous author on Ayurveda. He was the disciple of Punarvasu Atreya. He has written Agnivesha Samhita, based on his guru’s teachings. But after some time, most of the scripts written by him in palm leaves were lost and only a few chapters were available. It is very useful in ayurvedic field for formulating various medicines which are useful for curing several dreaded diseases like cancer, leprosy and mental ailments etc.

His greatness and knowledge was mentioned by Rishi Charaka in the CharakaSamhita. He was considered as a divine physician and he was a devotee of Lord Dhanvantri, a form of Lord Vishnu and a divine physician. He insists the people to use the medicines along with the spiritual energy in order to cure the diseases. For that, he is asking us to worship the god regularly and chant his mantras and names in order to live a disease free life. And he further tells that for curing mental diseases, only medicines will not heal a person’s mental state, but he must have to frequently worship the god, and praise his glory in order to get relieved from his mental related problems.

Agnivesha was also good at meditation and yoga, and through his severe meditation on the god, he has got great spiritual powers, and was considered as one of the “GEM” in the Ayurvedic Field.

Let us worship the great rishi and be blessed.

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