Lakshmi Narayana Temple, Afghanistan

There is an ancient temple situated in Afghanistan which is dedicated to Lord Lakshmi Narayana, a form of Lord Vishnu who used to keep his lovely consort Ma Lakshmi affectionately on his lap, and this wonderful temple was destroyed before some years ago by some of the miscreants in Afghanistan, and at the same time, they have destroyed some Buddhist statues also. They have done this, in order to destroy the ancient monumental temple into pieces, and still now, one of the idols of Lord Vishnu on the site of the dilapidated temple appears with broken hands.

This temple was supposed to have been built by an ancient Chera King before 1,100 years ago. The temple was good in art and architecture, and the Chera King Sri Rajasimha had suitably rewarded the architects who built the temple, by granting several bags of gold coins to them. Excepting the broken statue of Lord Vishnu, none of the idols were found inside the damaged temple premises and the ruins of the temple shows that even the god has to suffer for his fate in this difficult Kaliyuga.

Once, inside the temple premises, grand festival events would be celebrated, and ancient people used to cheerfully raise the slogans praising their king Sri Rajasimha and their beloved deity Lord Lakshmi Narayana. The king allowed all of his people to participate in the temple functions and made them to visit the temple frequently irrespective of their caste, creed and community.

Pilgrims would be given temple Prasad by the priests and they used to eat it joyfully along with their family. The details about this temple were found in one of our Holy texts of Hinduism. There was also a beautiful pond situated nearby the temple, and once, the pilgrims used to take bath on the holy pond, by chanting the mantra, “OM SRI LAKSHMI NARAYANA NAMAHA”.

Still now, temples are being demolished even in our country also, with the reason that they had been built in unapproved areas. Temples are the most sacred places, and they must be preserved and protected by the people, or otherwise, at one point of time, we could read about the existence of our ancient temples only from our history book.


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