Mata Aditi, the Mother of many Gods

Aditi is the goddess of sky, and controls our mind, avoids unwanted thoughts, and gives happiness and peacefulness to us. She is the consort of Rishi Kashyapa, and she is the mother of the Adityas, Lord Indra, AshtaVasus, and the Vishnu Avatar Lord Vamana. She is mentioned in the Rigveda and in ancient Puranas. Aditi is the daughter of Daksha and Panchajani, and she is the sister of Diti.

Aditi is also offered her share of oblation during Yagna, since she is considered as the mother of the divine devas in the heaven. Aditi being the mother goddess would bless and showers her grace on us. She is the goddess of protection, and used to protect the humans, birds, insects and animals from dangers and from natural calamities. It is believed that she controls the sky and the earth through her great spiritual powers.

The mount of Mata Aditi is the phoenix bird. She holds weapons in her hands. A popular temple of Mata Aditi is situated in Vizhinjam, Kerala.

Let us worship the divine mother and be blessed.

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