Adhikara Nandi in Mylapore Panguni Festival

Adhikara Nandi is the first busiest day in Mylapore Panguni Festival (Panguni Uthiram festival at Mylapore Mylai Kapaleeswarar Temple, Chennai). In 2023, Adhikara Nandi vahanam date is March 29, Wednesday.

Adhikara Nandi is a procession of Sri Kapaleeswarar Swamy on Nandi vahanam. It usually begins at 6 AM. The image of Lord Vinayaka leads the procession.

The silver plated Nandi Vahanam sparkles in the morning with the yellow and golden coloured first rays of the Sun. The vahanam is decked and decorated with various types of flowers, clothes and jewellery.

Thousands of devotees participate in the event and offer prayers to Lord Vinayaka and Lord Kapaleeswarar Swamy.

It is to note that Adhikara Nandi is held on the third day of Panguni Uthiram annual festival at Mylapore Mylai Kapaleeswarar Temple of Chennai.


LCD monitors will be installed on the praharams for people to view the Thirukalyanam. Throughout the festival, two surveillance cameras will overlook East Mada street. Ambulance and fire tenders will be stationed at strategic places around the neighbourhood.

On Arupathumoovar and Thirutheer days, water and buttermilk will be distributed to devotees. Homeguards, NSS, NSC, Souts and Guides from nearby colleges and schools will assist police personnel in crowd regulation.

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