Aathichoodi | A Collection of Single-line Quotations by Avvaiyar

The Aathichoodi is a nice collection of small quotes which was written by Ma Avvaiyar before 2000 years ago. Avvaiyar is a female poet and also considered as a great saint, who had the divine vision of Lord Shiva, Ma Parvati, Vinayaka and Muruga.

These quotes were mentioned in simple words, and it contains good advises to the people in order to develop good manners, helping others, worshipping the deities regularly and considering others as the forms of the god.

Some of the details mentioned in the Aathichoodi are as follows:

1. Always do good deeds in your life.
2. Don’t get anger.
3. Do lot of charitable activities in your life.
4. Give food to others.
5. Till your last breath, try to learn new, new good things, and become a great scholar.
6. Compulsorily take bath on Saturdays, in order to please Lord Saneeswara.
7. Speak sweetly with others.
8. Avoid unnecessary talks with others.
9. Always interact with intelligent people.
10. Don’t scold others.
11. Always be active.
12. Don’t commit sins in your life.
13. Adjust yourself according to changing situations in the world.
14. Study well from your young age onwards.
15. Place the god on your soul, and worship him throughout in your life.
16. Study lot of good books.
17. Engage yourself in agricultural activities.
18. Always eat healthy food in order to get a healthy body.
19. Always deliver nice speech in front of others.
20. Safeguard your wealth, and spend money for doing good activities.
21. Remove the bad habits like lust, greed and selfishness.
22. Frequently Chant the names of the gods and goddesses in order to lead a happy and a sinful life.
23. Don’t fight with others.
24. Hear the teachings of the great saints and saviours.
25. Worship your parents similar to worshipping the god.

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