Mr Aamir Khan, India Really Intolerant?



Mr Aamir Khan, is India Really Intolerant? You have expressed your concerns about your rising intolerance in India in open forum organized by media. According to you, What are the changes that made India intolerant in 18 months of present NDA/BJP-ruled union government?

====> Any mafia goon pressurised or threatened you for ransom money?

====> Any movie or art form released or launched hurting your religious sentiment and personal choice of religion?

====> Any nati-national mob attacked you and halted your shooting?

====> Any politician of ruling party gave ‘Dhamkee’ to you?

====> Oh, you might have feeling the intolerance due to hanging of innocent and peaceful boy called ‘Yakud Memon’?

Read here about PK – the movie which denigrated Hinduism..

I know, you will say big NO for all the above questions. Then, what made you to come into conclusion that “There is rising intolerance in India and your wife suggested to you of leaving the country”?

Dadri Mob Lynching & Award Wapsi

What is Dadri Mob Lynching

2015 Dadri mob lynching refers to case of mob lynching in which a mob of people attacked a Muslim family on the night of 28 September 2015 in Bisara village near Dadri, Uttar Pradesh, India. The attackers killed 52-year-old Mohammad Akhlaq Saifi (Ikhlaq according to some sources) and seriously injured his son, 22-year-old Danish.

Now let’s come straight into the point

Uttar Pradesh is being ruled by Samajwadi Party (Opposition for BJP / NDA). Samajwadi Party, basically termed as pro-muslim party even by its top-league cadre. If some stray incident happens in a remote village, then its the local law & order issue and should be taken care by the state government.

You will state that “Those who kill innocent people are not Muslims”. Then where’s your logic gone in Dadri Lynching. A stray incident happens in the name of “Go Rakshaks”, then entire community becomes Anti-Muslims and intolerant towards your peaceful religion? Where was your same logic gone disappeared when Godhra Train incident happened where innocent Hindus killed by peaceful activists?

Can’t you get the link between Dadri Lynching and Award Wapsi by all so-called intellectuals?

Now, let me teach you what is Tolerance..

The real Tolerance is – worshipping an actor who portrays a major ancient religion as out-dated and anti-human and Gurus or Sadhus as hate-mongers in his movie called “PK”. The actor criticised the traditions and rituals followed as per Sanatan Dharma in PK. All these crap we tolerated and gave that filthy guy a Bollywood Industry Hit along with hundreds of crores. Is this the price we have paid for our intolerance?

Please for the sake of India, don’t play the victim card here. Same thing, you and the pseudo intellectual media, done it while PK controversy.

One straight Question to all those who are asking ‘ whats wrong in Aamir’s opinion’…. when he can go to nuke and corner for his movie (from ruling to opposition politicians) cant he just call once to our home minister and ask him to address the issue, if he is feeling that much disquiet in India?

Think over again, this Intolerant India made you Aamir Khan just once analyse your self, how three superstars of Bollywood belong to only one religion? That too a peaceful and peace-wishing one.

Now, you tell me is India intolerant? Or its the time to wake up and become united?

Dear, all of you are free to add your points in comments..

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