7,500 Kgs Maha Laddu for Visakha Youth Association Mandapam, Gajuwaka (Visakhapatnam)

Huge Maha Laddu of 7,500 Kgs will grace Visakhapatnam’s Visakha Youth Association Ganesh Chaturthi Navaratri Utsava Mandapam, Gajuwaka. In 2014, Vinayaka Chavithi Utsavams begins on August 29 and ends on September 8 with Vinayaka Nimajjanam.

Huge ‘maha laddus’ of 7,500 kg and 5,000 kg made with great dollops of ghee and packed with almonds and cashew nuts have been prepared by two confectionery shops in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh for the ten-day Ganesh festival beginning on Friday.

The two ‘laddus’ will be dispatched to Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh and Khairtabad in Hyderabad for the festival on Friday.

The Sri Bhakthanjaneya Sweets here has prepared a 7,500 kg laddu for a pandal of Visakha Youth Association, Gajuwaka in Visakhapatnam where it will be sent on Thursday.

The huge laddu is made with 150 kgs of cashew nuts, 10 kgs yellow camphor, 90 kgs almonds, 30 kg cardamom, 1,000 kg of ghee, 1,450 kg of bengal gram and 2,200 kg of sugar.

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  1. Kumar Krishnamoorthy says:

    May lord Ganesh bless all Bharatiyas with sweet tongue to utter always good about each other.!!!!!!

  2. P.Rama Mohan Rao says:

    Sri vigneswara Swamy blesses all world people for peace of mind with the help of DHYANAM.